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This volume only cover part of what happened between 8/24 of 2014 to 8/31 of2 014. Due to interruptions with editing and helping [Redacted] with her World of WarCraft character on 8/29 of 2014, it delayed publication. As usual, I would suggest readers only stick with the Elemental Chapters of Iodine and skip past the republished chapters from the “Magical ME” Series. Although there is one nice chapter about the Yin-Yang Symbol seen in a frozen lake on 11/26 of 2013, which was a good Psychci Manifestation from 2013. Volume 53 is a continuation of Volume 52. It covers Psychic Manifestations from 8/23 of 2014 to 8/31 of 2014. There’s a section on the Napa Valley Earthquake and Solar Flare AR2151 on 8/24 of 2014. There’s reference to the Washington State Ferry. There’s a news article that links to the character Bryce Lark on “Chuck.” There’s a discussion about a U.S. Military Jet Crash and the Bubonic Plague. Iodine 1 is a discussion on the cure for Mental Illness where Anger keeps a person focused when insanity is because of too much information or too much Water or Knowledge. Iodine 2 is a Psychic Manifestation regarding the 6.0 Earthquake in Napa Valley along with the Solar Flare from the Sun on 8/24 of 2014. Volume 3 is about the Washington Ferry Mishaps that have seemed to come more frequently and a brief reference to “Captain America” starring actor Stanley Tucci who was in “Easy A” with Emma Stone. Iodine 4 is regarding the death of a sound person named Bryce Dion on the show “Cops” who aligns with the previous volume citing “Run-Around Sue” by Dion and the character Bryce Larkin on the television show “Chuck.” Iodine 5 is a Psychic Manifestation regarding the U.S. Military Jet Crash on 8/27 of 2014 in West Virginia that aligns with the plane crash at the West Virginia Air Show on 9/17 of 2011 as linked events. There’s a World of WarCraft theme as well as a discussion of the ISIS Foundation started by Lana Lang on the television show “Smallville.”

Body, Mind & Spirit
31 August
Rod Island
Smashwords, Inc.

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