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Two selves intertwine and it leaves you, in the dance room, making a decision that winged liner is just for work. Because you don't know which self you are looking at right now, which person you are. The song stops and you break out of your trance and ask if he'd like to extend...

Rita is an escort, one of the best in Australia. It all began on a whim at 18, after she rang the number on a sign looking for nude models. Always the outsider, she quickly learns the sex industry is comprised of many other people just like her and she becomes immersed in this world: the drugs, the late nights, the glamour, being an outcast, the attention and validation from men. Mostly she thrives on how taboo her life has become. Following significant personal tragedy and trauma, the line between Rita's sex worker persona Gia and her real self begins to blur in a seemingly endless loop of grief, work, sex, love and heartbreak.

In this achingly honest memoir, Rita learns that death and trauma do not always bring grand transformative experiences. Sometimes, in order to go forward, we have to write our own stories and choose to keep living. Unflinching, compelling and darkly funny, Come announces a fearless new talent in Australian writing.

Biographies & Memoirs
31 March
Allen & Unwin
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Customer Reviews

eucalyptus trees ,

What a read

I don’t know what to make of this. This memoir felt so matter of fact until after chapter 18, when the author pointed out she was analysing deeper. Then the analysis kind of stopped. It became more of a fact recital, a poetic one. I’m impressed that she experienced so much, and continues to build a brand. I’ve followed this woman online since she was 19 on twitter, so am happy to see her create. Tbh I wanted more analysis of her clients, but I understand doing so might be bad for business. I’ll be waiting patiently for this book.

em.m.c ,

Gripping format!

I love the format that Rita has written in! The short collection of essays have clear and concise sentences that keep your attention whilst still encompassing so much! It really complemented the raw nature of the content too!! Would love to read more from Rita one day, couldn’t recommend this more!!

Patron+lime ,

Utterly captivating.

Loved it. This oldest of professions is not so strange. This woman is a beautiful writer.