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If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have told you that the best cupcakes were dark chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing, that dancing in a crowd of magic wielders — the Adept —  was better than sex, and that my life was peaceful and uneventful. Just the way I liked it. That’s what twenty-three years in the magical backwater of Vancouver will get you — a completely skewed sense of reality. Because when the dead werewolves started showing up, it all unraveled … except for the cupcake part. That’s a universal truth.


This 68,000 word urban fantasy is the first book of the Dowser Series by author Meghan Ciana Doidge. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
18 June
Old Man in the CrossWalk Productions
Meghan Ciana Doidge

Customer Reviews

Ardenvale ,

Cupcakes, Trinkets and other Deadly magic

Meghan Ciara Diodge
Cupcakes, Trinkets and other Deadly magic 7.5/10
Free iBook. Good book, great writing style, interesting story, although I do get infuriated reading about stupid heroines who make bad choices, put themselves in danger, don’t see the obvious, and don’t ask intelligent questions. I prefer smart heroines, like the other Amplifier series.
Anyway, Jade is a young half/witch, half-human who has a cupcake bakery in Vancouver, and doesn’t pay much attention to magic. Were-wolves are being murdered, and Jane is pulled into the inquiry by a vampire and the werewolf pack since her trinkets are at the scene of the murders. It seems she isn’t half-human...but no one seems to be able to tell what she is.

GriphonMarching2TheBeat ,

Excellent read.

I love the tone of the book. Well written with a good mix of ligh hearted self depreciation by an awesome lead character. I wish I was half as cool as Jade.

em_win ,

Fun and modern supernatural series

I downloaded this book on a whim, I don't normally go for books that look like this but it turned out to be a fun, entertaining, modern read.

A little bit True Blood and a little bit Charmed, I liked the main character Jade much more than I anticipated. In fact, she's infinitely cooler than Sookie Stackhouse.

It's a lighthearted read and keeps you turning the pages. The characters are traditional (werewolves, vampires, witches) but still interesting, especially with the witchy storyline. I have a strong suspicion we'll see this series optioned for the screen sometime soon...

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