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The series continues in the thrilling conclusion to the Devil's Knights MC.

Hot bikers, sassy women, and love stories to melt your heart.

Gambler's LongshotOpposites attract, or so they say.With Gwen constantly throwing sass and questioning every word that comes out of Gambler's mouth, Gambler and Gwen maybe the first couple to prove that saying wrong.All Gambler wants to do is keep Gwen safe and that's it. He never expected the unwanted attraction and the need to protect her no matter what.Gambler's intentions maybe true, but Gwen has learned the hard way that things are not always what they seem.Can Gambler persuade Gwen to take a chance on him, or will all bets be off? Keeping MegAfter years of heartbreak and being married to the wrong man, Meg has finally found what she always wanted with Lo.Except there's one problem. Lo is keeping something from Meg and Meg is more than determined to figure out what it is.Will they make it down the aisle and ride off into the sunset, or will life get in the way and have Meg make a decision she might regret for the rest of her life? Fighting DemonA shared past that no one knew about until Demon and Paige's worlds collided again.Demon and Paige both made mistakes eight years ago, tearing apart the love they had for each other.Now, Demon has Paige in his sights again, and he isn't going to let her go. But things aren't always what they seem.Could Demon and Paige be over before they even start again, or will the past fade, making room for the ending they've always wanted? Unraveling FaythFayth doesn't know what she wants anymore. Torn between the life she used to live or staying in Rockton, Fayth can't decide which future she wants. All she knows is that the one man who won't leave her side is the one man who is taking over her heart.  Everyday Slider relives the moment  he thought he had lost Fayth before he even had the chance to have her. Now, with Fayth back in Rockton, he's never letting her out of his sight. Although, someone else has other plansDanger is lurking, and Slider is the one man that will keep her safe.He let her down once.He'll never let it happen again.The score is finally settled in this thrilling conclusion to the Devil's Knights Series.

6 December
Winter Travers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

GeekyBookMama ,

Loved them

Gambler’s Longshot
Lmao I loved Gwen she was hilarious, I loved her attitude how she didn’t back down and kept Gambler on his toes hahaha.

Keeping Meg
I absolutely love Lo and Meg! It was good to see all the other characters from previous books

Fighting Demon
I didn't actually like Paige that much, I just couldn't connect with her, I tried to but I just couldn't, I loved Demon he was a adorable 😀 and I I did love the storyline

Unraveling Fayth
I absolutely FLOVE Slider and Fayth!!
I liked both characters in previous books but I love them now😍 OMFG chapter 19 was freaking HILARIOUS!! Sad to see the series is finished oh and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Epilogue

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