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He's a hot nerd. She's a hot mess. Love shouldn't be this easy. A quirky new opposites-attract romance from USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson!

How to Find Love in New York:

1. Meet for tapas.

2. Pretend you care more about his day than your career circling the drain.

3. Stumble to your place. Kick him out before he trips on dirty laundry. (Literal or figurative.)

It's easy. That's how I like it. 

Before you crown me the least romantic twenty-something in Manhattan, meet Dr. Wesley Robinson.

Keen blue eyes and fell-out-of-bed hair. Unhealthy obsession with 80's movies. Dryer than a gin martini. Drive that makes Tony Robbins look like a slacker.

The hot genius I'm helping sell his DNA dating app has a plan: Scale Mount Nerd. Then ride off with his genetic Cinderella.

I shouldn't fall for him. 

Even if Wes kisses like there's something dirty under that pressed shirt. Even if he opens me up like no man has. Even if guarding my heart's getting harder each day...

Because New York isn't Wes's mountain. I'm not his princess.

And nothing this easy can last.

Easy Love is a full-length stand-alone contemporary romance. Here's what readers are saying:

"Intelligently written, funny, sweet, quirky, heartfelt and romantic. Wes is a dream." -Cat

"A romantic, fast-paced, light-hearted and funny book about the complexities of love in the modern age." -Jeeves

"No one writes smart romance like Piper Lawson." -Dawn

"The slow burn is to die for!" -Laurie

"Fun, sweet, uncoordinated and sexy. You'll love this story of worlds apart." -Debbie

"Piper Lawson writes characters you're either instantly smitten with or wishing were your BFF... I was crushing on Wes from the start." -Silvia



1. Easy Love

2. Dirty Love

3. Twisted Love


1. Schooled

2. Stripped

3. Sealed

4. Styled

5. Satisfaction


1. A Love Song for Liars

2. A Love Song for Rebels

3. A Love Song for Dreamers

4. A Love Song for Always


1. Good Girl

2. Bad Girl

3. Wicked Girl

4. Forever Wicked


1. Play


3. Rise

10 April
Piper Lawson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Debsbooklove ,

Absolutely perfect 💋🧬💋💋🧬

Easy Love: A Modern Romance
Piper Lawson

This was such a fun, sweet, uncoordinated and sexy story. I absolutely adored Wes Robinson. He reminded me of Sheldon Cooper. The whole science geek thing really worked in this book. He cracked me up with his unco look on life and women. But he needs help with a dating app, and being set up with Rena from an agency to help sell it he’s going to get more than he bargained for. We’ve all heard the song opposites attract, well Easy love is the lyrics in a fabulous story.

Rena Crawford is in a struggling marketing job. Needing that one pitch to propel her into the good books with her boss. But a date set up from her friend, Jake, Rena meets a gorgeous man – all blue eyes, messy hair and no idea how to deal with women. In a embarrassing display she throws herself at Wes, leaving him shocked and her horrified to find out it wasn’t a date. But this uncomfortable meeting breaths life into a beautiful friendship, albeit strange and amusing.

While dealing with the death of his father, moving home to be near his mum and teaching at the local university he feels pulled down. Selling his dating app will fix everything, then he can return to his dream job as professor at Washington University. What he doesn’t take onboard is the woman who threw herself at him at a restaurant, awakening something deep within Dr Robinson. You’ll love this journey of worlds apart…. I can’t wait for more or to reread.

Another fantastic part of his story, wasn’t the words, it was the use of very cool graphics on each chapter page. Both the sexy pinning lips 💋 and 🧬 genetic chain was absolutely perfect for each character. Thank you Piper for yet another amazing story ♥️

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