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"Her simple spellbinding stories, her keen intellect, and her unfailing humour make this book a pleasure to read. Here is a new way of thinking of spirituality, of valuing our humanity while living a spirit-infused life, and a fascinating (and novel) path to enlightenment! It's a consciousness changer and I loved it." Dr Sidra Stone

You don't have to leave your family and join and ashram to become enlightened. You don't have to meditate or chant or give service to a guru. You don't even have to practice mindfulness or staying in the present. 

All you need to do is become a mother!

Join heavily pregnant personal growth writer Astra Niedra on her attempt at a last-minute, pre-childbirth holiday in the tropical paradise of Australia's Far North, with her husband and two young daughters in tow.

As she builds sandcastles on the beach with her kids like a labouring sandstone Buddha and contemplates the dangers hidden in rainforest gorges while waddling after her daughters, she discovers what motherhood has in common with the world's great spiritual traditions

"A great read for all mothers, especially those who sometimes feel like they are not enough... I loved this book!" Ann Shepich

Since time immemorial we've believed that when women became mothers they were taking time out from real work and serious personal growth, let alone spiritual development. But we've had it all wrong.

There's no need to run away and desert your family to join an ashram or church in order to connect to spirit. 

Astra reveals that the skills and abilities that mothers are required to use each day as part of their job and the practices prescribed for enlightenment seekers, such as mindfulness, service, chanting and meditation, are the same.

"This book put into words just what, and how, I was feeling about my own spiritual journey. Women and men have such different experiences and this book beautifully articulates them." Amanda

She argues that the meaning of 'enlightenment' has been misunderstood (and misrepresented in our patriarchal traditions) and that real enlightenment is something far more accessible, to many more of us, than has previously been thought. 

This book will inspire you, entertain you and lift your spirits, all the while grounding you in the unshakeable truth that there is far more to being a mother and raising children than conventional wisdom would have us believe.

"I enjoyed this immensely. I recently had my 4th child and was able to laugh and sympathise often with the author. She is very down to earth and makes many parallels I am unsure I'd have considered... Definitely a fun and entertaining book while sharing a bit of spiritual goodness as well." Katie

Body, Mind & Spirit
29 January
Astra Niedra
Astra Niedra

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