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Parental Warning: Contains several references that are for mature readers.

In 1966, Frank Arnold and Noel Cantrill, two intrepid twenty-something Australians, set off on the overland trip of a lifetime. The 1965 India-Pakistan war almost thwarted their plans, but after a journey by sea on the MV Guglielmo Marconi, they drove in a custom-fitted Kombi van from Pakistan, through Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and up through Europe to London, a journey no longer possible today. 

The trip was dicey and adventurous. To negotiate their way, they had to grapple with corrupt officials, were accused of spying and were awakened one night with a gun at the window. While the Beatles were dominating the charts, Frank and Noel were surrounded by the ancient history of Bamiyan, Persepolis, Petra and an Anzac Day dawn at Gallipoli all to themselves. They experienced first-hand the warm hospitality of the local people, which included getting down-to-earth with students from Peshawar University.

With amazing photos and never-before-seen footage that captures the landscape, street scenes, fashion and culture of the 1960s, this interactive, multi-touch eBook is an amazing resource that brings to vivid life Europe and the Middle East of the time.

Tap any of the 300 quality colour images and they fill the screen. Tap on any of the 20 movie camera icons to select authentic film clips vibrantly illustrating the world of the 1960s, a world that is gone forever.

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April 21
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Customer Reviews

Henry from AUS ,

A great read of a true adventure

I have really enjoyed reading and viewing the photos and films of Highly Inflamably. I have worked with both these gentlemen but had no idea of this trip. So glad they made their journey memoirs available for others. My Khombi tour of Europe in 1979 with 2 mates was not as risky, but their VW problems brought back memories of similar situations and language issues in foreign lands. Thanks Frank and Noel, (sadly Noel passed away in 2016)

eportoileh ,


I loved this book a true travel adventure from a time now lost. The photos are beautiful and bring the descriptive words to life, the movies give you the essence of places visited. Are all the wonderful scenes shown in this great read still a part of our world?
A must read for all fellow travelers and those interested in experiencing life on the road from another era. Well done Noel and Frank

oldfogey74 ,

Highly Inflamably: One Way to Get to London

In 1971, when I was living and working in Sydney, two of my friends returned home from Canada via a Penn Overland tour from London, a high adventure, which impressed me greatly. When I learned about 'Highly Inflamably: One Way to Get to London' by Frank Arnold and Noel Cantrill, sharing an account of their amazing journey in the other direction, in a Kombi van in 1966, on their own, through far and exotic lands fraught with danger, when they were so young, I concluded they had to be made of sterner stuff. Tantamount to the spirit of Hume and Hovell, Burke and Wills, not to mention Scott of the Antarctic, who never could be sure about what was around the next corner either.

I find this book a real treasure, I felt as if I was right there with them, sharing all their experiences, but in the end I was glad I was reading it from the safety of my comfortable armchair, especially when I learned about some of the close shaves they had. How fortunate that Frank and Noel kept diaries, found letters and both were handy with a camera, I salute them for their achievement and thank them for it. I did not venture to England until 1972, via a conventional commercial flight on the 'kangaroo route' but how I would have loved to have spotted that Kombi driving around the streets of London sporting its NSW number plates.

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