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PR Media Training. How to write a media policy.

An invaluable guide for any organization that deals with the media in any way.

Written by Mark Aiston.
I am currently employed as Network Ten’s sports host for the stations 5 PM News service. I’m also co-host on the highly rating radio breakfast show on Mix102.3. I began my media career in Adelaide in 1981 as a race broadcaster I then joined ABC television in 1984.

I have worked in MEDIA NEWSROOMS since 1981.
Why is this important? It’s important because whilst working in those media newsrooms, I have become very aware of the GOOD things that organizations do when dealing with the media, and the BAD things they do as well.

It’s my view that most of the organizations that dealt with the media in a professional and confident manner probably had a media policy of some kind in place, but the organizations that handled the media poorly probable didn’t.

Every organization should have a plan in place for dealing with the media.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. What is a media policy and why have one?
Chapter 2. Dealing with the media
Chapter 3. The media unit
Chapter 4. Choosing your media gatekeeper
Chapter 5. Your spokesperson
Chapter 6. More strategies to use during an interview
Chapter 7. When the media calls
Chapter 8. The media release
Chapter 9. Writing a media release
Chapter 10. Common mistakes
Chapter 11. The social media release
Chapter 12. Media coverage checklist
Chapter 13. Your social media strategy
Chapter 14. The media conference
Chapter 15. Building relationships
Chapter 16. Crisis management policy
Chapter 17. Media database
Chapter 18. Media kit

Bonus chapters
Promoting your story to the media

Chapter 19. Media opportunities
Chapter 20. Other hot issues
Chapter 21. Now try it yourself
Chapter 22. Pitching ideas to the media
Chapter 23 Closing remarks

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21 April
Mark Aiston
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