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Public Relations - Beginners Guide is an ideal resource for anyone who is looking to promote their business, their products and services and themselves through the media.
This detailed E-book offers tips and strategies that will help you understand how the media operates, guide you through the process of identifying story ideas about your business and yourself, help you promote those ideas to the media, assist you with your media interviews, and offer a range of tips for when you hold your media conference.

Public Relations - Beginners Guide has been written by Australia media identity Mark Aiston.
Mark has worked in media newsrooms around Australia since 1984, and understands what it takes for businesses to promote themselves through the media.
He is also aware of the pit falls.

Chapter 1. The media
Chapter 2. The newsroom
Chapter 3. The newsroom staff
Chapter 4. The process of creating news
Chapter 5. The reporter
Chapter 6. When you get the call from the media
Chapter 7. Ten questions you must ask
Chapter 8. Getting on-side with the media
Chapter 9. Getting off-side with the media
Chapter 10. Identifying story ideas for your business
Chapter 11. Other hot issues
Chapter 12 Try it your self
Chapter 13. Pitching ideas to reporters
Chapter 14. The news release
Chapter 15. How to write a news release
Chapter 16. The interview
Chapter 17. Know your audience
Chapter 18. Different types of interviews
Chapter 19. Interview checklist
Chapter 20. The 10 second grab
Chapter 21. Tricky questions
Chapter 22. Do not
Chapter 23. Do
Chapter 24. Rapport
Chapter 25. Nerves
Chapter 26. Nerve busters
Chapter 27. More tips on looking relaxed
Chapter 28. Dress
Chapter 29. The media kit
Chapter 30. The media conference
Chapter 31. Creating a media database

Business & Personal Finance
1 December
Mark Aiston
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