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Far out on the frozen outer limits of the thranx/humanx Commonwealth, on the permafrosted plant of Tran-ky-ky, lay the chilly trading outpost of Brass Monkey.

Inward bound on the interstellar transport Antares, Ethan Frome Fortune, space travelling salesman with a neat line in perfumes, jewelled knick-knacks and up market gadgetry, ran into grizzled, galactic hell raiser Skua September for the first time.

Kidnapped, knocked unconscious and crash landed - all quite accidentally - they were about to find out that life on the sub- zero wasteland was full of incident. Bored they would not be. Dead they might well be - particularly if Sagyanak, Chief of the nomadic Horde, could lay hands on them.

The great adventure has just begun and early retirement was not an option.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 November
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

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ritual ,

A good read

When I first got this book I was only 19 (30 years ago) it was a second hand copy that literally fell off the back of a truck, in the yard where I worked. The driver told me I could keep it so I did. It took me on a futuristic flight of fancy, to a primitive world being upgraded by technology. I fell in love with this book as I followed the slightly crazy salesman into adventure with charm and light humor which made it such a good read.

The advanced civilization corrupt though they are supposed to be beyond such things. The simple but strong local people whose world it seems is permanently frozen. The near impossible escape and the heroic means from which a simple person can become the unlikely hero.

The story is fairly simple but it is told very well and the imagery is brilliantly brought to life from the author. Although Alan Dean Foster was known for writing movies into books, such as the Alien series, he wrote quite a number of original books as well. Mostly cast in the same universe that this book belongs to but you don't need to be intimate with any of his other works to get into this book, this was the first AD Foster book I ever read.

Icerigger is the first of three books and while the other two books continue from where each left off, I never found either Mission to Moulokin or The Deluge Drivers to capture my imagination the way Icerigger did. I own all three books in my library and still read them from time to time and they still bring me enjoyment. I hope you like them too.

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