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Fans of new adult authors like Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire will love this brand new book by Marie Cole about being in love with your best friend. And how much it really sucks. 

Elly has been patiently waiting for her best boy friend, Kent, to figure out that she's more than just a girl to play video games with. 

Kent is a boy who is patiently waiting for his best girl friend Elly to find herself a deserving man so he can put the underlying feelings he has towards her to bed. He doesn't like the man he becomes when it comes to Elly. She deserves better... so much better than him. 

But when temptations between them prove to be too much between them they find themselves in a predicament. Kent has a decision to make. Will he choose love or will he choose self-preservation?

What Other Readers Are Saying: 

"It is a deep story of love. If you love stories about friends being each other's true love, this is it."

--Reader4life, ARC Reader Review 

"I'm a fan of friends to lovers romance. I knew Elly and Kent would eventually get together (as friends to lovers books do) but, their journey was amazing. I felt for Elly in her failed relationships and loved her continued devotion to Kent even when he didn't deserve it. If you love friends to lovers romance give these two books a try. You won't be disappointed."

--ARC Reader Review (Kindle Customer)

"This series is awesome!"

--ARC Reader Review  (Timberlee)

"Elly has bigger balls than me! I love how close as friends they are and even as time passes it's like none has really passed at all."

--ARC Reader Review (Heather B.)

"I was 100% into this book. I loved it. But I hated it as well. I love the fact that I was so caught up in it. I couldn't stop reading."

--DIZNEECE, ARC Reader Review 

"The book was awesome and I love the dips and turns of the story. Can't wait to see what happens next."

--DJ, ARC Reader Review 

"Loved this book... when I started reading I couldn't put it down. My first thought was I already know the ending. I was surprised, it was not the ending I thought. This is not your typical love story. There are twist and turns everywhere. The characters are well developed. You find yourself rooting for them."

--Michelle, ARC Reader Review 

5 December
Marie Cole
Draft2Digital, LLC

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