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Listening is the ‘effective’ business builder’s forgotten communications skill. Active, strategic listening is the secret skill applied by top performing leaders and their teams. This is what you should have been given in grade one to help you succeed in school! Active listening will help you gain the ‘edge’ both personally and professionally in your communication efforts. Your business effectiveness will increase as you apply these skills. This customer service skill will help you and your team to enhance your productivity in business! Listening enhances your communication skill set.

What do you envision in your quest for success?
Career mobility and promotion? Active listening can open doors.
More effective or dynamic leadership? Active listening (asking questions to draw wisdom from your team) can lead to mutual success as well as team satisfaction and enhanced morale.
Better working relationship with your colleagues? Making the effort to be actively interested in their lives and concerns help build solid mutually beneficial relationships.
Enhanced sales and client retention? Active listening skills help you probe to find out what your prospective clients actually want. Then, you can amaze them by delivering value in demonstrable ways.
Increased intimacy in your personal relationships? Making the other person feel heard goes a long way to demonstrating their value in your world.
Better relationships with your children? Why not apply your active listening skills in finding out what is important to them and what is happening in their lives?

This mini-book contains use-it-now wisdom and life-proven techniques and tips to do just that – enhance your communication.

Whether your quest is effective career or leaderships success, a more profitable business, more productive teams, or better relationships, we can help.

Body, Mind & Spirit
7 March
Bob Hooey
Smashwords, Inc.

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