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Adalyn Sage.

I'm thirty-seven, a mother, a divorcee, and I’m ready to date again.

I need a man willing to love me for who I am, despite what size I am. Only finding such a guy is harder than it’s cracked up to be. Afterall, I'm a little clumsy and just a tad outspoken… that is unless I’m in front of a man so good-looking my panties melt. Then I become an absolute weirdo.

Case in point: Vice Salvatore. Stunning. Growly. And also my boss.

Thank God his a**hole attitude put my racing heart at ease and changed my lust to hate.

Nope. I don’t care for him. Won’t. I’ll continue to ignore my ladybits and stay strong.

At least… for a while.

6 March
Lila Rose
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Hilarious Read

Lila Rose is a new author to me and after reading Making Sense I’m wondering why I haven’t read any of her other books, this book was the perfect read, it’s witty, it’s fun and it has some great characters that you can’t help falling in love with.

Adalyn Sage is a single mum who’s life is all about bringing her son up and trying to get her own jewellery business off the ground but she needs some extra income so she takes a part time job that fits in with school hours at a local adults only shop ( now I know that made you giggle)and this is where she meets Vice Salvatore what she doesn’t realise is the man who has made her stumble and fumble is her boss. Vice decides he wants to be part of Adalyns life and he starts by firing her from the shop and giving her a job as his temporary assistant, can he convince her to take a chance on another man or will Adalyn run for the hills.......

This book has some hilarious laugh out loud moments as well as some giggles along the way, the characters are brilliant and the storyline is believable what more can you want from a book, well this book does have more, it’s not just a funny read it’s a love story that takes you on a journey of a single mum not sure about dating again and a little boy who is desperate for a man in his life, once you add in the extremely hot Vice you have the perfect read. Can’t wait to read more from this author, if you love Rom-Coms this book is a must read.

sleckie1974 ,

Applause for Lila

There is one main thing l love about Lila Rose. She doesn’t give us the same thing every time. Even when she is in MC mode there is diversity. And let’s not forget, humour. The woman has a wicked sense of humour. And it shows in all her books, but especially her Rom-coms. This book was like reading a story about my life, or the lady next door, or the woman waiting for a coffee in the local coffee shop. It appeals because it’s real. A bbw. Looking for love, deserving of love. The love of a hot man who finds her beautiful. And why not? Lila isn’t scared to take her writing down a different path each and every time she sits down at her computer. I, for one, am grateful for that. That she takes risks and puts out some brilliance like Making Sense. I adore her MC books, love them. Crave them even, (Fox l do love you so ) but l really look forward to seeing her put her feelings out there to give us things like this book. I bow to you lady.

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