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When the masks come off, they know it’s real.

Dan Colton was once the CIA’s golden boy—a get-things-done cowboy who believed it was better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. But performing the devil’s work was easier when he had the face of an angel—a damn good asset to have whether he was charming agency superiors…or training submissives in his dark dungeon role-plays. But that face was taken away, disfigured in a fire during an act of bravery.

Tess Lesange, known around the CIA’s Vegas office as “The Laser,” has only one Achilles’ heel—the brooding agent who once wouldn’t give her the time of day. Since Dan Colton’s accident, they’ve become friends, even trusting each other with some of their kinkier secrets. What are friends for, right?


Still seeking the submissive dream, Tess takes matters into her own hands and journeys in disguise to one of the desert’s most elicit kink clubs. When the Dominant she meets is beneath a mask and wielding a familiar voice, she wonders if karma has conspired to fulfill her deepest fantasies…and how high a price she’ll have to pay for it to come true. Is she willing to sacrifice the friendship she’s built with Dan for one unforgettable night in his dungeon?

20 February
Waterhouse Press
Meredith Wild LLC

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


Dan was badly burnt in his last mission and has withdrawn from most of his family, friends. colleagues and the lifestyle he loves. Prior to the mission he used his good looks to complete his missions successfully. Now that he is scared he has withdrawn from life and hides in the shadows.
Tess has always had a thing for Dan and when he was injured she finally had an opportunity to be noticed and became the friend he needed, even though Dan remained in a vanilla sexual relationship with Brynn. Dan and Tess are very good friends and have emotionally connected. 
Brynn has no interest in the BDSM lifestyle than Dan has lived and so he turns that side of himself off. I felt he casually discarded Brynn and that is not something I would have expected from Dan.
Tess on the other hand is intrigued and desperately wants to submit. So much so that she has read “all the books”. She actually asks Dan if he will be her Dom and he refuses. Intent on exploring the lifestyle she goes to Catacomb, a club run by one of Dan’s friends.
Tess meets a masked Dom who reminds her of someone, but as his voice is as masked as his face, she has no idea that it is in reality Dan. Tess is desperate to experience submission as it is calling to her very soul. Dan cannot stand the thought of another Dominant touching her and so he connects with Tess offering her one night. Tess accepts and is led off to a themed room. Her masked Dom hands her the key to unlock the room (symbolic on so many levels) and so begins their night.
Perhaps if Dan had left it as one night I might not have minded so much but he contacts Tess again arranges another intense night at Catacomb with Tess to continue their journey together into Dominance and Submission. 
I felt that this section let this book down. The danger and subsequent outcomes seemed rushed and when Dan announces to the world publicly that he is taking over his families company and leaving the CIA I felt it was all a bit too hurried. Tess suddenly forgives Dan (all because he holds a rose at his press conference, s symbol that only Tess would understand) for his behaviour and goes to him and all is forgotten. A bit too easy for me, I felt that Dan should have worked for Tess’s forgiveness and I was disappointed that Tess who had showed so much bravery in going after what she wanted would suddenly cave without demanding more form Dan. I wanted to see them work out their differences and how she overcame her feelings of betrayal. I wanted to see how they got to their HEA and I felt let down that I didn't get that. Of course all of this is just my opinion.
Having said all of that, I love catching up with these men and their women and I enjoyed Masked and cannot wait to more books in the series. 

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