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Melanie Sheehan didn’t set out to be a liar, but her last lie landed her in big trouble. Now Mel must suffer a harsh consequence – she’s not allowed out of her father’s sight.

No friends, no parties, no life.

Since impeccably good behaviour is now all she’s about, her dad, renowned Ballan local ‘Bluey’ Sheehan, is about to finally cut Mel some slack. The catch? While he heads out of town on business, she has to stay at the Onslow Hotel, and he’s entrusting Max Henry, the eldest son of Bluey’s best mate, to look out for her.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

Max, the new head barman at the Onslow Hotel, is the one boy Mel has been crushing on since forever. At a time when Mel plans to go on the straight and narrow, she is about to tell the biggest lie of all. Will Max be able to handle the fiery farm girl or should he be considered the last boy in Onslow to trust?

Warning: sexual references, and occasional coarse language.

The Summer Series:
Book 1: The Boys of Summer
Book 2.5: Stan (Novella)
Book 2: An Endless Summer
Book 2.5: Max (Novella)
Book 3: That One Summer
Book 3.5: Ringer (Novella)
Book 4: Forever Summer

Authors Note: While each title can be read as a stand-alone story, you will likely enjoy taking the journey with these characters from the beginning.

15 February
C.J Duggan
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Customer Reviews

TarshS ,

A new Onslow Boy to fall in love with

Of two things I am not ashamed to admit: 1) that CJ Duggan has become one of my favourite go-to authors (and why would I be ashamed of that anyway, she is the bomb diggity!), and 2) I dream of making my way to Onslow in an attempt to hopefully win the heart of one of the boys. So when I hear CJ has a new book coming out, I'm in absolute excitement overload until I get to devour every single morsel, and Max certainly did not disappoint!

Being the newest and least known of all the Onslow Boys, I wasn't sure what to expect of mystery man Max, but reading this felt like he had been there from day one. The comradery between the boys and Max, and even the way Mel was taken in, almost made me want to pack up and move to a small town. Almost!

Like all of CJ's books, I was transported back to the late 90s, when I too was a teenager, with simple mentions of songs or pop culture that left me feeling a little nostalgic. And there is nothing like reading a fantastic slow burn story to remind you of the incredible feeling of butterflies in your stomach, awkward moments and sheer embarrassment at the hands of your friends that go hand in hand with having a crush, no matter what age you are. CJ is my slow burn queen.

What I love so much about this novella, as with Ringer and Stan before it, is that it's on the longer side. There is more than enough time for scenes to be set, characters to be introduced and make us fall in love with them, fun to be had, drama to occur and everything to be wrapped up in a sexy Onslow Boy bow to leave us all feeling more than satisfied yet still craving more...oh look, I can continue with That One Summer ;-)

Now, can anyone give me the directions to Onslow? I have a pub to get to.

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