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Now available as a Bundle Box Set, all 3 Mountain Brides Books (Mail Order Brides of Montana series) including:-
Mountain Brides: Part 1.
Life in Denver’s high society was good for the Standish family prior to 1886. Grace Standish was raising her two lovely young daughter’s to be ladies and teaching them what they needed to know to become wives to one of the young gentlemen in Colorado’s elite society.
Rebecca, an auburn haired beauty and Clarissa her stunning dark-haired sister were living the good life with a father who was one of the most respected bankers in town…or so they thought, and a mother who had dedicated her life to her family. Then it all fell apart…
The day the Sheriff showed up at their door to tell them that their father was dead, shot in a robbery at the bank, everything began to unravel. Suddenly people were telling them things about their father, Grace’s devoted husband that didn’t make sense. He was a gambler and a philanderer…and a thief?
Grace showed herself to be the strong mother that the girls needed to get them through this crisis. She sold everything and they started over. For Grace, that was enough, but for her daughters she wanted more.
Rebecca was promptly sent to the wilds of Montana to become a bride. At first reluctant, she quickly grew to love the young, handsome Lucas who became her husband and her provider.
Clarissa’s man was not young, and Clarissa would soon find out that although she was willing to give life in the mountains of Montana a go, there were forces working against she and her new husbands happiness in the form of his adult son.
Can Clarissa stand on the mountain and rise to the challenges that life has thrown in front of her?
Mountain Brides: Part 2.
In 1888 there weren’t many opportunities for a young girl of only eighteen to support herself in a place like Galveston Texas, unless she was willing to compromise her principles. That was why Jessica’s guardian, Flaherty, an old man who had owed her late father a debt, proposes she become a mail-order bride. That and because Jessica wasn’t easy to support.
Jessica agrees to pick a husband and just after she chose one, old man Flaherty went to his grave. Jessica was once again flabbergasted to find out that he’d left all of his money to the local orphanage and nothing to her. She was forced to follow through with the wedding out of necessity.
Clint was raising five children and trying to run a ranch. If not for the help of the church ladies, they would all go under. The ladies have an idea to get them all out of the mess…A mail order bride…Would it help Clint, or just make his life more complicated in the end.
Along with Clint and Jessica, keep up with what’s happening with Jeremiah and his new bride Clarissa and his son who may or may not be evil..Colton.
Mountain Brides: Part 3.
Clarissa Marsh suspected she was with child…she couldn’t wait to tell her husband, Jeremiah, but before she got his hopes up or her own she wanted to talk to her sister and get a second opinion. On her way to see her sister, fate intervenes. Tragedy strikes, and the only person there who can save her is her husband’s grown son who just so happens to be in love with Clarissa, and bitter towards his own father and her. Will Colton rise to the occasion?
Meanwhile, there’s another family that Colton may have come in between. Jessica thought her flirting with the young handsome man was “harmless” then, she thought that maybe she had made a mistake marrying Clint, maybe Colton was the man she was supposed to be with. The problem was she already loved Clint’s children as if they were her own….If only he would give her the attention she needed.
Hannah Granger, busy running a ranch and raising her three sister’s finds a woman in the creek. She’s sick and Hannah brings her home to nurse her back to health. Little do any of them know that her presence in their lives will change things for them all…

21 September
Gold Crown
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