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Laura Swan was dreading the school sports day Mum’s race - but whoever would have thought it could be quite so life-changing? Laugh-out-loud funny, Fiona’s writing deals with the real life cringe-worthy moments we all know so well… Sports Day at her children's school is a nightmare for Laura because of the event she dreads – the Mums' Race. She knows the other mothers have been in training for at least three months – even though they're trying to pretend that they haven't. Laura's vowed never to take part, but the morning of the School Sports Day she makes a fatal error and promises her daughter that if she eats her Rice Crispies, she will run. With no escape, Laura is forced to take part and as she moves towards her inevitable humiliation, she is horrified to spot her husband Jed flirting with Celeste the delectable French girl who works with him. Determined to put up a fight and to show Jed there is still plenty of spice left in their marriage, Laura decides it is time to give her body the work out it has been desperately crying out for. But when Laura makes a special new friend at the running club that she has joined, she gets much more than she bargained for. From buying sexy lingerie displayed alongside the gherkins at Tesco to struggling into the last playsuit in Topshop, this novel is full of humour and Laura is a true heroine for our times. A sparkling, witty novel, that fizzes off the page.

17 March
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

쿠무인 ,

good enough to read at ease

this book deals with an ordinary life of one family especially with the housewife who juggles all the house work like preparing ,eals for her family and doing laundry while handling all her three children. She became a fat middle aged woman who even fell down on the ground of her children's school at playday with all parents and kids. Shame!
Story goes on there.
The woman decides to lose weight and starts running with a man who meets by accident.
They've got to be interested in each other as they make feel fresh in life and feel new 'me'.
But there is no serious or extreme development of the story maybe that is why I think you can read this without stress.
one good side of this, you might feel like running while reading it as the story goes on in the scene of running.

Rach06k ,

Mum on the Run

Brilliant read for the busy mums out there! Many would totally understand and feel in her shoes. Enjoyable and engaging!

Bhd87 ,


Loved it, a cheeky, fun book, sure to put a smile on your face.

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