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"I'm tired of being what you want me to be, feeling so faithless, lost under the surface." - Linkin Park.

*A novella*

Playing local shows in seedy, downtown pubs when I was just Jamie with his guitar, and coming home to my girl who was waiting for me. A girl I couldn't imagine living without. That was my life. A life I loved. A life that may not have been perfect, or filled with money and fame - but it was perfect to me.

Playing packed out stadiums in beautiful cities, where Jay Ryker is who they scream for; and coming home to an empty hotel and a bottle of bourbon waiting for me. A bottle I wouldn't dare try and live without. This was my life. A life I loathed. A life that may seem perfect on the outside, filled with money and fame - but it wasn't perfect to me.

After losing my world that meant everything to me; I need to find my way back to the living.

I'm not sure I even want to. I don't think I would survive any more pain.

It may seem weak, but it's easier being numb.

3 December
Kathleen Mareé
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Orange.Vegie ,

Love Jay!

Anymore about this gorgeous, tortured rocker and I'm all in!! Loved this short novella which is a prequel to the Cut series..

jo-jo29 ,


This novella had me hanging for more! Loved reading from Jays POV. Great read!

Jaxden ,

Numb, a must read.

I was so happy to read this book and get inside of Jay's head!! It's only a short story but is a great lead up into the Cut Series. Gives you a great insight into why Jay is like he is. Particularly enjoyed finding more out about his relationship with Amy and how it had gotten so.... strained. Jay is really a beautiful soul and hearing how protective of Penelope he is on their first meeting really made me melt. Numb flows so perfectly into Cut and is a MUST READ!!

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