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Disappearing intelligence analysts lead the Gray Man deep into a conspiracy in the latest explosive novel from number one New York Times bestseller Mark Greaney.

The first agent's disappearance was a puzzle.

The second was a mystery.

The third was a conspiracy.

Intelligence operatives around the world are disappearing. When a missing American agent reappears in Venezuela, Court Gentry, the Gray Man, is dispatched to bring him in, but a team of assassins has other ideas. Court escapes with his life and a vital piece of intelligence.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Zoya Zakharova is in Berlin. Her mission: to infiltrate a private intelligence firm with some alarming connections. The closer she gets to answers, the less likely she is to get out alive.

Court and Zoya are just two pieces on this international chessboard, and they're about to discover one undeniable truth: sometimes capturing a king requires sacrificing some pawns.

'I love the Gray Man'
Lee Child

'So propulsive, the murders so explosive, that flipping the pages feels like playing the ultimate videogame'
New York Times

'Bourne for the new millennium'
James Rollins

'Intense, explosive, daring, funny, and ultimately just flat out awesome'
Ben Coes

Crime & Thrillers
18 February
Little, Brown Book Group
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

rhitc ,

The title says it all

American. Graduate in international relations and politics. Specialises in thrillers with lots of technical detail (weapons, surveillance equipment, intelligence gathering techniques etc). Took over the Jack Ryan franchise when Tom Clancy died. His own bestselling series centres on a one man wrecking ball named Court Gentry aka the Gray Man.

In brief
The book starts with our boy in a super secret CIA hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a recent adventure. The doc reckons he needs a few more weeks on IV antibiotics, but his boss needs him out in the field again pronto. The action, and there's plenty of it, takes place in Venezuela and Berlin. There's Venezuelan secret police, an Emirati terrorist masquerading as US ally who employs US ex-servicemen turned mercenaries to do his dirty work, a Russian assassination squad, an Iranian sleeper cell in Germany, a female ex-Russian spy/assassin who is our boy's love interest, sundry State Department and CIA types, German anti-espionage dudes, and a female doc who patches our boy up and gives him IV antibiotics each night. Double crosses galore. Don't get me started on the guns and bombs and stuff.

Mr G's usual high octane, high body count, willing suspension of belief style that incorporates lightly fictionalised versions of current events to make it sound topical, e.g., American drone attack that kills the head of the Iranian Quds force. If you're looking for character development, look elsewhere.

Bottom line
The title sums things up perfectly.

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