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Connor Prescott doesn't do one night stands (yes, ladies, he's an anomaly) so when he meets a beautiful woman during a snowed in night at the airport who wants to forget her heartache, he makes an exception. Their night together is incendiary, and by morning Connor wants more . . . except his sexy stranger is gone.  He's pretty sure he'll never see her again, until three and a half years later she finds him, and changes his entire world with three little words . . . You're a daddy.

14 November
Carly Phillips
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Making it impossible ,

Rock Solid

I laughed I cried I read this book very very quickly I couldn’t put it down. Please write another book QUICKLY can’t get enough of your books

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Fantastic Conclusion to a great series

5 star review Rock Solid (Book Boyfriend #4) by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

This was perhaps my favourite of the series. Knowing this was the last book, I really wanted to read this slowly. Who am I kidding? I devoured this book in one day.

Connor doesn't do one night stands so when he meets an angry and sad Katie at an airport waiting for a flight home, the last thing he is thinking of is hooking up for the night. Katie, furious and hurt over the betrayal by her ex boyfriend isn’t really looking either, however fate has a surprise in store for these two.

After they both decide to act on the chemistry which is clearly between them, what follows is a night of intense passion. When Connor wakes, he is hopeful he can convince Katie to see him again. Imagine his dismay when he finds Katie is gone.

Since Connor doesn’t even know Katie’s last name he knows that all he has will be the memories.

Fast forward 3.5 years and Connor is thrilled when Katie suddenly reappears in his life. However, to say he is shell shocked to find out that their night of passion resulted in a beautiful little girl named Val is an understatement.

Connor is entranced by his daughter, realising that he is still drawn to Katie, he goes about wooing the women in his life.

I loved Connor Prescott, to me he is such a dream come true; Truthfully I want my very own Connor. I admired Katie and found her to be extremely likeable and Val was too adorable.

Rock Solid is such a heart warming, fun and totally hot read. As always the characters are strong and well written (Val is so cute she almost steals the book) and I will admit I was extremely sad when I finished the book.

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

Another great read from the writing due of Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde, this is book 4 in the Book Boyfriend Series and it’s the one I have been waiting for Connor Prescott’s story.
Three and a half years ago Connor got snowed in while on a trip to Colorado, Kate also had the same problem and after sharing some words and food Connor offers Kate the spare room in his suite well one thing lead to another and then they went their seperate ways after all it was just a night of passion or was it... Fast forward to present time in Chicago where Connor has been nominated for Hottest Bachelor and just by chance Kate sees the article and she knows what she must do because he needs to know he has a 3 year old daughter and she needs to know her daddy.
This book has it all, second chances, an adorable little girl who has some great one liners, a guy who is not only hot but he also has family value and he falls for his daughter hook line and sinker, a couple with chemistry who met at the wrong time find fate has once again put them together, what a great story with some great banter. If you love sweet romance with HEA then this is a must read.

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