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Caite McCallan is a Department of Defense admin working in Bahrain when a glitchy elevator, of all things, leads to an unexpected invitation to dinner by a gorgeous Navy SEAL. When he later stands her up, Caite’s understandably upset…until she overhears a plot that confirms Rocco didn’t blow her off. Instead, he and two fellow SEALs are in danger—and Caite is forced to put her career and her life on the line to save them. 

Blake “Rocco” Wise never expected his routine mission to go sideways, but he was even more surprised to find himself and his teammates rescued by the adorably shy woman he met in a stalled elevator. Caite’s selfless act saved his life, but when attempts on her own make it clear someone wants her gone, it’s Rocco’s turn to protect the brave, sweet, sexy woman. The longer he knows her, the more he wants her…but keeping Caite close could bring her nearer to the enemy than ever before.

** Securing Caite is the 1st book in the SEAL of Protection: Legacy Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

15 January
Stoker Aces Production, LLC
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Treen!! ,

A Must Read

A fantastic start to a new series! Strong characters and an exciting storyline, this is a story you don’t want to miss!

SnickDreams ,

Even for the most experienced SEAL operator, the unexpected can turn the tables…

We got to know a few men from this team in Protecting Dakota… now Susan Stoker unleashes them with her new adrenaline pumping - Seal of Protection (Legacy) series. First up is SECURING CAITE - Bk 1. Seals are known for bringing their A game and taking the fight to their enemy… what happens when the tables are turned and our hero Rocco, and his team mates are captured and injured? No matter how impossible the odds - they certainly won’t give up without a fight. Even for the most experienced, rescue comes about in a most unexpected, highly unusual way. Who we meet, who will capture our attention, who saves them, in a place that is highly volatile and dangerous, is the one they never expect - that unassuming, quiet person lady.

Sit back, devour SECURING CAITE, you’ll be swept up into a storm of intrigue, drama, suspense and an attraction that keeps getting interrupted, as Susan Stoker unleashes the men that make up Seals of Protection into the book world. This series is sure to unfold a boatload of drama, trouble and a whole lot of new romance with new heroes out to not only protect the world at all costs but also the ones the come to care about.

Susan Stoker is one of my all time favourite authors in the Military/Romantic Suspense world. No matter what series, she gifts us with… you are always afforded with a reading treat, you are also certain to catch up with those familiar names, you’ve got to know and love previously, always ready to help when called upon.

If you love page-turning, heart pounding, breath-taking words, Susan Stoker, delivers this for her readers. Looking to start a new series… you will not be disappointed starting with SECURING CAITE. There’s even a teasing hint of what’s to come… Are you ready?

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