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After an unstable childhood, Zoey Knight landed in Juneau, Alaska, during high school, and has never left. Now in her early thirties, she lives a quiet life that includes part-time caretaker for a beloved father figure. Despite the stability, she occasionally wishes for more adventure. She gets more than she bargained for when a plane she’s in goes down in a remote stretch of wilderness—and the only other passenger is a man she’s crushed on for years. 

Life as a SEAL doesn’t allow for much spare time, but Mark “Bubba” Wright still regrets not trying harder to visit his pop. Now it’s too late, and the guilt is heavy when he heads to Alaska for the reading of his father’s will. The only bright spot is finding a girl he knew in high school on the same tiny plane. The same woman, it turns out, who’s been taking care of his pop…a girl he crushed on in high school.  

Struggling to survive in the Alaska back country isn’t the kind of second chance either envisioned, but relying on each other makes Zoey and Bubba’s rekindled attraction hotter than ever. Funny how puzzling out who might want them dead can bring a couple closer together…

** Securing Zoey is the 4th book in the SEAL of Protection: Legacy Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

January 14
Stoker Aces Production, LLC
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Treen!! ,

Alaskan Survival

Bubba is returning to Alaska for his father’s funeral. Taking a charter flight for the last leg, he is surprised to find the other passenger is an old school friend, Zoey. When something goes wrong, Bubba and Zoey are lost in the Alaskan wilderness with only each other to rely on.
This is a great read and I highly recommend.

Kernsy95 ,

Good romance, confusing Suspense/Thriller

There was a whole chunk of “huh!?” Going on, and most of the plotting against our protagonists made it seem almost like a cartel or gang or something was behind it when that was nowhere near what was happening.
There were also some issues with the plot not making a lot of sense.
But on the other hand it was a nice little romance. The relationship was mostly believable and I was SO HAPPY to see Zoey being a badass in her own right and not being all Damsel like most of these women turn put to be by the end, needing to be saved by their boyfriends (like in Sidney’s story).

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