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When everything is on the line, how far will you go to protect those you love?

What if the cost of saving them is your soul?

Would you pay it?

I thought I was prepared for what was coming; that if I made sacrifices, I could win this game. I’m no longer afraid of the darkness or the monsters that hide in the shadows. I’ve become what I feared most, allowing it in to protect those I loved.

Sometimes it takes a monster to win. Sometimes to fight monsters, you have to become one.
My only fear is…can I come back from it?

2 April
Amelia Hutchins
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Customer Reviews

jdjfifiejjeneieid ,


Absolutely loved this book 10/10

SDemi11111111111 ,

Wow, wow, wow

Sleeping with Monsters is book 2 in Amelia Hutchins’ Playing with Monsters Series. If you haven’t read book 1 or the other series ‘Fae Chronicles’ and ‘The Elite Guard’ it is highly recommend as to not miss out on key parts of the story. The Fae Chronicles series is Ryder and Synthia’s story, Playing with Monsters series is Lucian and Lena’s story and The Elite Guard is Ristan and Olivia’s story.

The recommended reading order is as follows;
*Fighting Destiny (FC book1)
*Taunting Destiny (FC book2)
*Escaping Destiny (FC book3)
*Seducing Destiny (FC book4)
*A Demons Dark Embrace (TEG book1)
*Playing with Monsters (PWM book1)
*Unraveling Destiny (FC book5)
*Sleeping with Monsters (PWM book2)

Wow, oh wow, oh wow this book is one emotional roller coaster. It is jam packed with lust, hate, betrayal, love, and loss. It has some very steamy moments that will have you blushing. The characters are so well thought out and the story will have you guessing with every page you read. I didn’t think that Amelia’s book could get any better but I was wrong and this whole series just proves why Amelia Hutchins is the Queen of Paranormal. (I bow my head to you). You will be on the edge of your seat to the very end of this book, and when you get to the end you will start to question and curse Amelia for leaving you with this big hole in your chest because the book is finished. I know I feel hollow and empty like a piece of me was left behind in the book.

I am dying to know what Lucian is. There was several times in the book I thought yes here we go we are going to finally get told what Lucian is, to only end up with more questions with no answers...

I’m sorry I am not able to go in to detail about what the book is as I don’t think 1. I could do it justice and 2. It will ruin the suspense and story. The only thing I can say is READ it if you haven’t already, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Buffgirl1 ,

Love it!!

I love this series 📖💓

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