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By all accounts, Janet Neal was living the ideal life or at least she thought she was. The reality was quite another story: She was exhausted, unhappy, and unsure of just who the real Janet truly was. Life and a liberal application of hair gel to her face helped to get her attention, forcing her to move from her reliance on her faulty thinking to listening to the wisdom of her soul. This collection of insightful and amusing vignettes chronicle a superwomans journey fueled by her belief that she had to do everything and do it perfectly to her awareness that there was actually nothing she had to do; she already had it all.

A must read for anyone who has thought Is this all? or What now? Janet gives life a new perspective - indeed a soul perspective!

Nancy Aronie, Author: Writing from the Heart

Soul in Control is an engaging and entertaining reminder to stay focused on whats important. Janets practical advice is sound medicine for a frenetic world overtaken by distraction and a false sense of productivity. Her wisdom offers hope in our professional and personal lives.

Kenny Moore, Author: The CEO and the Monk: One Companys Journey to Profit and Purpose

In her wonderful guide to living a deeper, richer life, Janet Neal takes us by the hand and shows us step by step how to give up the need to manage our life perfectly and find that serene, sunlit place where our soul is in control. With stories and lessons straight from the heart that we can all embrace, Janet is a wise and witty superwoman-turned-sage. If you want more joy, fulfillment, and fun in your life, then read Soul In Control -- youll be glad you did!

Karin Abarbanel, Co-author: Birthing the Elephant: The Womans Go-For-It!

Guide to Overcoming the Big Challenges of Launching a Business

Body, Mind & Spirit
13 August
Balboa Press