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Based on interviews with the cast and crew, this book goes behind the scenes of the successful space comedy, Red Dwarf. With chapters on every episode, it reveals how the series was made, and tells the stories of what happened on and off set. Why did Holly leave? How did Cat lose his teeth? What happened when the writers split up? All these questions are answered, and more.

How did a show that was rejected three times become a success? Why did Holly change from a man to a woman? What happened when Rimmer got covered in baby oil?

Stasis Leaked Complete goes behind the scenes of the TV space comedy Red Dwarf to answer all these questions and more. Based on interviews with the cast and crew, it reveals the highs and lows of making the series: from the early days of wobbly sets, to the critical acclaim of an International Emmy Award.


• Episode synopses

• Behind the scenes details on every episode

• Overviews of every series

• Quotes from cast and crew

Stasis Leaked Complete reveals how the show was made, examines the ideas behind the episodes, and illustrates them all with anecdotes from the people who were there. It's the essential, unofficial, guide to the brilliant space comedy.

Including bonus chapters on:

• Red Dwarf Special Effects

• Red Dwarf's Missing Episodes

• Red Dwarf USA

• and the ill-fated Red Dwarf Movie

The book concentrates on the BBC years of the show, and also covers the more recent series produced by digital channel, Dave.

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16 August
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Customer Reviews

OzDaddy ,

For all Red Dwarf fans

If you’re a fan of this cult show you will love this book. Every single episode is covered with lots of behind the camera stories and humerous anecdotes. Great easy read and quite ‘pulpy’, I read this when I need a break from other books. Though it’s also great in large doses.

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