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Chris Guillebeau shares ideas for living life in a non-conventional way. He has never felt trapped in a career office job, has been his own boss in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and enjoys spending his free time in what he personally finds to be a fulfilling way. Now in his new book, this young visionary shows readers how to have it all - by creating a micro-business on the cheap that generates sufficient income to support a life of meaning and adventure.

The $100 Startup is a smart, accessible and inspirational guide to changing your work life to change your life. Using case studies from the US and around the world, it helps readers identify their own skill or passion that can lead to a profitable business.

Business & Personal Finance
1 June
Pan Macmillan UK
Macmillan Publishers Australia and Pan Macmillan Australia

Customer Reviews

andrew6string ,

Motivational with some good content

Some specific advice here. More than average for this genre. Worth a read but a little over priced.

Shano12345 ,

Got some value

I found this book more motivating than anything. I was expecting more defined actions/methods that I could use in my own startup however the 'case studies' were very general stories (or at least this is how I perceived it).

I would've loved to have seen more detailed steps of how the 'case studies' in this began operating but no complaints :)

Overall a great book and certainly a recommendation for those looking to start a small business!

Sanpeligrino ,

I may write a book too

I have purchased two books at the same time. This one and Richard Brandson's LIKE A VIRGIN. We are all different. My mind is with Richard's mindset I am afraid. Reading the book I was always thinking that by buying the book I might contributed to someone else's travels. And I wonder how many copies of books I would sell if I'd I would write one. Well I may try to do so and see. I might be surprised how many copies I might sell. In some way that is a lesson on its own as well. I was also not sure if I could line up myself with the author's definition of freedom. Sometimes we find inspiration in most unusual places and sometimes it comes from reading something that is not you. Who knows maybe I will give more credit to what I have just read in the future.

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