The Bel Algorithm

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Publisher Description

Nathanael Wayfarer finds himself at the centre of a conspiracy of internet giants and captains of industry trying to influence the outcome of the American Presidential election. It seems that everyone is against him from security companies in Las Vegas to shadowy conspirators in Phoenix, meanwhile Meth and Peter and fleeing through Europe, trying to find a place where they can settle and not be troubled by the Adamant corporation.

And when social media and online videos can no longer be relied on be truthful, where will ordinary people turn to find out what is really happening? 

Can Natasha hack the servers of the biggest internet giant in history, to find out what their plans are? She has part of the document, and that was enough to put her and Nathanael in mortal danger. She is in hiding, Nathanael is the only person she knows who can help her, but he's been out of touch. Only Trippy Girl, a shadowy presence on the internet, seems to know what’s going on, and Natasha doesn’t know who she is or how to get in touch with her.

When the secret Cabal is after you, watch what you eat - plutonium might not be on the Pizza topping list, but it’s a distinct possibility if you’re not careful.

And when they finally reach the truth, can anyone save them? Another hard hitting thriller based on real science and current technology, the Bel Algorithm, 2nd book in the Nathanael Wayfarer series and the sequel to the Adamantine Disclosure by Andrew Partington, will not disappoint.

Crime & Thrillers
27 September
Andrew Partington
Draft2Digital, LLC

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