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Love is a journey ~ Rosemary Beach is the destination...

Look out for the next steamy romance in the bestselling Rosemary Beach series.

1 December
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Brayz8 ,

Must read!!!

Like all of the books I absolutely loved this one it is one of the best and will recommend everyone to read it

Claypot2850 ,


LOVED this book. Have enjoyed the whole Rosemary Beach series and this one did not disappoint. Great group of characters in these stories and really enjoy the relationships they have developed. Have had a soft spot for Captain for a while and great to see him get his story. Rose was a good match. Highly recommend

..A2Z.. ,

Into the Night Reviews ... The Best Goodbye by Abbi Glines

The Best Goodbye is the latest installment in the Rosemary Beach series from Glines. It's the sweet, second chance, love story of Rose and Captain. While I've read many of the Rosemary Beach series I haven't read them all, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book. Beautifully written, as are all of Glines books, The Best Goodbye is told from alternating points of view, with flash back scenes to ten years prior where we learn the back story of Rose/Addy and Captain/River.

Cruelly separated as teenagers, ten years has passed and Rose/Addy has finally tracked Captain/River down. Conscious that many things have changed in both their lives she is cautious, focussed on understanding if the man he has become is someone she can have in her life once again. The stakes are much higher second time around, it's not just her heart that will suffer if Captain the man, falls short of the boy she once loved. Disguising her appearance Rose starts work as a server in Captains soon to open restaurant. While he doesn't recognize her, things about Rose reawaken memories from his past, reigniting pain he thought he'd moved on from.

Rose struggles with what she sees, and doubts whether she can trust Captain again ... but then she gets glimpses of the boy from her past causing her to second guess the emotions that are being reignited when she's in his prescience . An unplanned encounter forces a key decision for Rose and the two are soon both questioning whether the love they once shared could ever be again, or whether the time apart and the life choices they made are too much to move beyond.

I fell in love with both of these characters. They each sacrificed so much for the other that all I wanted was for them to get their second chance. The alternate point of view gave me insights into each character, so I felt I got to know them and their perspective really well. The flashbacks added real depth to the story and helped me to understand the choices they were both making as the story unfolded. I was a little disappointed with the ending, it felt like it just stopped. I would have liked an epilogue to give a little bit more substance to the end of this gorgeous story, particularly given the challenges the characters faced.

The Best Goodbye was a really quick read, perfect for a lazy day where you just want to get lost in the pages of a book for a few hours. If the rating scale on iTunes allowed it, my rating would be 3.5 stars, it's just not quite a 4 star for me.

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