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In life, we have the opportunity thrust upon us to make changes, and to take personal leadership in dealing with those changes. A death, a major illness, or a major economic upheaval can force us to take stock of our lives at that point, and make sometimes-radical changes. To take leadership in our own lives and the lives of those we love, lead or work with on a daily basis.

As competition becomes more global in our changing economy, we find businesses and professional associations being stretched and tested. Staffing has become more challenging, and so has training and marketing.

Customers are becoming more demanding and specific in what they want. Change is pushed on us everywhere we turn. We can avoid change, can’t we? That’s what too many business leaders think and miss their full potential.

Isn’t it better to seize the opportunities to change and grow? Isn’t it better to be a leader who is open to learn, stretch, and to push yourself and your team past your own comfort zones? Isn’t it better to lead than follow in the dust?

This change is a creative leadership choice! Life is a series of changes and choices, why not take personal leadership and control their direction and pace? Why not decide to be a leader, not a follower!

People experience problems and challenges in their performance for four major reasons:

•Poor or inadequate training for the job
•Inadequate equipment to do the job
•Time constraints to do the job
•Motivation to do the job

Leadership coaching in it’s essence, will help discover the area(s) which are acting as roadblocks for the person being coached. Leadership coaching can help turn roadblocks into stepping-stones for increased success, productivity, and a real sense of satisfaction on the job. Leadership coaching can bring a sense of satisfaction to the coach too -- in bringing out the best, and in seeing your people win!

It takes courage to lead, but it is so worth it to see your own growth and the growth and success of those you lead. Check out some of these idea-rich team empowerment strategies. Go for it!

Business & Personal Finance
13 March
Bob Hooey
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