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Coopers: 2, Turners: 2

The Coopers and Turners are tied in the battle for Chance Creek’s Founder's Prize, both families desperate to own the ranch that will be awarded to the winner. But Steel Cooper also needs to right the wrongs his father committed before he died in prison—and convince Stella Turner to marry him, despite a hundred years of animosity between their families. He’s willing to give it his best shot—but when disaster strikes Chance Creek, his best shot might not be enough to save anyone, let alone the woman he loves.

Turners vs. Coopers of Chance Creek:

BOOK 1: The Cowboy's Secret Bride

BOOK 2: The Cowboy's Outlaw Bride

BOOK 3: The Cowboy's Hidden Bride

BOOK 4: The Cowboy's Stolen Bride

BOOK 5: The Cowboy's Forbidden Bride

12 May
One Acre Press
One Acre Press

Customer Reviews

Movinmum98 ,

Steel is a winner

Another winner from Cora Seton. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down, it’s a wonderful end to a fabulous series. These would have to be my favourite 2 characters in the whole series. Steel and Stella are perfect for each other. She is a strong independent woman and trying her hardest to fall for a good guy while having the hots for a bad boy. He is a good guy with a bad boy reputation, a cowboy with secrets. Neither one realises at first they have a chance with the other but a series of events make them fight for what could be. The surprise twist about the serial killer added intrigue and helped solve the mystery of their dads that has been a side story throughout the series. I love how the epilogue is set several years later and you catch up with all the characters from the other books and what they have been doing. You even get the bonus love story of their elderly great aunt and uncle. Definitely worth spending the day in your favourite reading chair.

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