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Tink has had a rough start to life, with her God-fearing foster parents who punish her for every little indiscretion she finally gets out and runs, it's not until she meets Lilly and both women bond instantly that her life starts. When they get to Coral City Tink's had enough of the open road and dreams of a life with a house love and a family, but when Lilly starts to work at the Pink Slip both of their lives change forever. The Devils Soldiers mc own the club and Lilly falls in love with one of the members leaving Tink feeling like an extra. She sees Jaxson on her first day at work but is too afraid to do anything about it, but when she finally gives herself permission to just go for she's rejected by the Prospect. Feeling completely unwanted Abbey sets her up on a date with a normal everyday man that could be the future she's been searching for.

Jaxson has wanted to be a member since him and his brother where small boys and they would watch the bikes roll downtown, he's worked hard to become a Prospect and nothing, not even a tiny little minx can change his mind. He wants Tink but at what cost, can he have the girl and the club at the same time or will going after her ruin his chance at becoming a full member. Partying Pussy and riding fast has always been his goal, but one tiny Blonde can derail his whole dream, will he take the risk with love or stand back and watch as she dates a douche.

1 February
Cilla Lee
Draft2Digital, LLC

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