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This tight end is at the top of his game. 

He’s good with his hands, even better with his sexy mouth, and the best at making me forget my own name. His—ahem—stats are perfect.

But I can’t fall for him. 

He might be everything I want, all rolled into a glorious package of gridiron god, but there’s one teeny-tiny problem. The vile, loathsome team I’ve spent my entire life hating—my beloved school’s arch-rival?

This guy is their star player.

21 November
Shady Creek Publishing
Karyn Sloan

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Mellaz80 ,

The Rivalry

The Rivalry by Nikki Sloane

On paper, this book was absolutely my favorite kind of read. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite what I'd anticipated. Although I adore reading sports romances and I understand the rivalry between various colleges, it seem really extreme and contrived in this book. Maybe it's because I don't actually watch the sports but I don't think that was it.

I thought Jay as a main character was great. He was one hell of an athlete, he was sexy, he was sensible. Most importantly, he did not come up with ridiculous excuses of college rivalry to avoid a relationship with Kayla.

Kayla, bless her little pompoms, managed to grate on my nerves as did, oddly enough, her mother. I can understand some friendly rivalry, but this was extreme and immature and unwarranted. It seemed like every time she was about to fall into something with him, the rivalry would rear its ugly head. I get it, it's the title of the book, for God's sake but still. Too much.

I do enjoy Sloane's writing and this doesn't mean I won't be picking up her next, but I will say that The Rivalry fell a little short of expectations for me.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.

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