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How to use life's little transitions to find balance and happiness.

Every day we undertake dozens of different roles, tasks and experiences. Most of us habitually carry our mindset and emotional state from one of these activities to the next - and all too often this has negative, occasionally disastrous consequences.

For years we've been told it's getting the 'big' stuff right that gives us balance and makes us happy: the holidays, the audacious goals, the pay rises. But in our hearts we know it's really the small stuff: a great result at work, our welcome home, an absorbing conversation, a game with the kids.

This book is all about getting the small stuff right - not 'sweating' it, but making it much more rewarding, much more often. It's about using the 'Third Space' (that moment of transition between a first activity and the second that follows it), to mentally 'show up' right for whatever comes next. Gaining control of the Third Space will empower you to do this any time and every time. You will consistently be your best for your work, your family, your friends and yourself - and you will find that the key to balance and happiness was always there waiting for you in the Third Space.

Includes a foreword by Stephen Lundin, author of Fish.

Body, Mind & Spirit
2 July
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Customer Reviews

TanjaMarkovic ,

Personal & professional development

The best thing about THE THIRD SPACE is that no matter who you are, this book is relevant for you. If you are looking to develop professionally or personally or just happen to stumble upon the book, its a must read. A clear, simple, read with plenty of real life examples, fun fact case studies, which any CEO, team leader, project manager, sales rep, admin, father, mother, boyfriend or girlfriend, can start to implement. Dr Fraser teaches you how with just 2-5 min and using third space transitions can have a huge impact how you show up for each task.

juliewinterbottom ,

Seriously Changed How I

I read Adams Frasers book very early on - it seriously changed how I 'show up' at work and for my family. One of the hardest things as a leader, partner, Mum, friend (the list goes on) is not taking the stress and emotional baggage from one encounter into the next. This is especially important in the transition between work and home.

The Third Space really gave me a simple formula on how to 'reset' between situations, so I show up more often with the right intention and energy. I can't think of a more important skill in a world where we do so much - and try to wear so many hats. A critical set of tools for anyone looking to improve their relationships or performance... or just stop their family from avoiding them!

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