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Lavinia Spencer is too poor to be anything but practical. But when her younger brother lands himself in trouble, she has no choice but to do the unthinkable. She accepts the help of the dishonorable man that she's always wanted, even knowing that it might mean her ruination...

This Wicked Gift is a novella prequel to the Carhart series. The full series is:

- This Wicked Gift, a prequel novella
- Proof by Seduction
- Trial by Desire

This historical romance novella is an enhanced ebook. The unenhanced text was originally published in the anthology "The Heart of Christmas." This work contains pictures, audio, and author commentary. You can read this enhanced ebook on any device, but the audio content may not be accessible on all ereaders. That content has been made available on the web, so you won't miss anything if your device doesn't support audio.

7 July
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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Trial by Desire

Carhart Series (of 3)
1. Y Trial by Desire 8/10
Ibook. Novella with author notes. Love this author! Strong heroines and an
interesting role-reversal twist. William White had his fortunes stolen by a dishonest man, and works as a clerk for the old bitter Marquess of Camden for a measly 18 pounds a year. His long infatuation for Lavinia, who runs the lending library, is pointless since he can't afford to support a wife. Instead he finds an opportunity to force her to sleep with him. She does so, and then explains it was a gift because he actually had no legal leverage. Instead of the woman being vulnerable and exploited, Lavinia feels no shame. William instead is the one who feels tarnished by his behaviour. When a sleazy lawyer offers him a chance at reclaiming his lost fortune by lying, while tempted, he decides he is a man of honour. He helps Garath, the old Marquess' grandson, to be free from the illegal pact his grandfather made, and in return becomes his man of business, so he marries Lavinia (who had proposed to him first) and in the epilogue, they have a good home, 3 boys, and she makes more money than him! (By investing in the railways)

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