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'A perfectly paced and beautifully observed story of betrayal, guilt and regret. I really did race through it.' Emma Curtis, author of Keep Her Quiet

'A heady, glamorous tale with a dark side - another compulsively readable thriller from Rebecca Reid.' Emma Rowley, author of You Can Trust Me

How far would you go to correct your worst mistake?

When Chloe goes to university and meets wild, carefree Zadie, she is utterly seduced by her and her lifestyle. It doesn't take long for Chloe to ditch her studies in favour of all-night parties at Zadie's huge house off campus.

But when something goes badly wrong one night and Zadie disappears in the aftermath, Chloe knows she should have done more to help her friend. It's something she'll always regret.

Fifteen years later, Chloe finally gets the chance to make it right. But in order to do so, she'll have to put everything at stake . . .

Praise for Rebecca Reid:

'Will haunt you long after you've finished' Jane Corry
'A shocker of an ending' Emma Curtis
'Rebecca Reid is a master of building tension' Phoebe Morgan
'Disturbing and brilliant' Lauren North

Crime & Thrillers
21 January
The Random House Group Limited

Customer Reviews

Marns17 ,

A thrilling read

For some of us, there is one person that we were once inseparable with at university but, due to whatever circumstances, in some cases you lose touch and go your seperate ways. But for Chloe, her friend Zadie just disappeared, never to be seen again. For fifteen years Chloe has been searching for the truth but, as she gets closer, is she ready to find out what really happened that last night she saw Zadie?

The mystery in Two Wrongs plays out well and had me completely invested and lost in its pages. Like Chloe, I needed to know what became of Zadie and could feel the guilt and regret that she has been living with for the last fifteen years, the last night she saw her. The lengths she goes to in finding out the truth, were surprising but you can see why, as she starts to unravel as obsession takes her over.

The characters have been created well and I was able to feel for Chloe and how easily she was seduced by Zadie’s attention and lavish lifestyle. Not one of the popular girls, to be pulled into Zadie’s world was exciting for her but, she really was just a plaything for Zadie and I found their relationship quite toxic. Zadie is a character you dislike but, I was not without sympathy with her inner struggles.

This is the first book I have read from Rebecca Reid and it was such a great introduction to her work. I enjoyed how she was able to pull me into the story and immediately had me caught up in the drama of it all. Her writing is engaging and I liked the multiple narration over dual timelines. Everything flowed very well, making this a quick and enjoyable reading experience.

Two Wrongs is a thrilling read with an outcome that I did not see coming! It actually made me feel quite emotional which I was not expecting and got under my skin. An engaging and suspenseful psychological thriller that was a pleasure to read, review and one I recommend you adding to your books to read in 2021.

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