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I’m Apiya. No, I’m not a badass magical assassin. I’m a barber to the supernatural.

My magic is very weak and very niche—it works best with keeping things clean.

I know. I can sense your awe at my power already. And I’m sure you can see why barbering suits me well.

Although now that I’ve mastered the art of trimming a weretiger’s regrowth, my biggest challenge is fielding the insults of the shop’s cat. Sometimes I wish I had enough magic to go deeper into the city’s magical underbelly.

You know what they say—be careful what you wish for.

Everything changes when a pair of forest fae come into the shop one night, asking for help to protect their youngling. Something’s got them properly spooked, but they won’t say what.

If it’s big and bad enough to scare the fae, it’s most definitely powerful enough to make a mouthful of me—probably a small mouthful, at that. And now that the fae have come to me, whatever’s after them is also after me.

My weak magic and a sarcastic cat for backup are unlikely to be enough to keep me alive and save the fae youngling. How the hell am I going to get out of this mess?

Grab Touched by Magic to see if I make it. Oh, and don’t get offended if the cat insults you…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 13
Celine Jeanjean
Celine Jeanjean

Customer Reviews

mvwpd ,

Tenderly enhanced magic

I loved reading how this young woman who barely has any magic is trusted with a developing magical egg. As she has no idea of how to project it, she seeks advice from others with higher magical abilities, all the while being attacked by others trying to obtain this egg to enhance their own powers.

eriknoel ,


A unique paranormal universe Jeanjean has created. I am eager to read more about Apita’s adventures.

flyingcowgirl ,

Imaginative world with an inventive heroine

I have read the entire urban fantasy series by Celine Jeanjean, and I loved them all. I literally could not put them down because they were so creative, so feisty and moved along at such a clip that I was thoroughly entertained and eager for more. The stories take place in worlds different from ours in the way that Harry Potter worlds are different from ours, but I found these a much funner read, with a plucky heroine who isn’t constantly flustered. The characters charmed me, and the world itself invaded my own. I waited for each new book with much impatience.

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