Shadow and Crystal Thorns

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Magical meets deadly in this YA fae fantasy where mortals and fae battle viciously for the same land. Shadow & Crystal Thorns is the 2nd book in the Fae and Crystal Thorns series by Kay L. Moody. Be sure to start with book 1, Flame & Crystal Thorns.

War would be easier if she could tell who was right and who was wrong.

Chloe remains in Faerie, but she's only supposed to stay long enough to defeat the bloodthirsty mortals who are trying to claim the land for themselves. But now she's not so sure she wants to return to the mortal realm, especially when the devastatingly handsome fae, Quintus, keeps asking her to stay.

Even worse, defeating the mortals becomes more difficult by the day while their numbers continuously grow. She also learns exactly why they want the land. As a mortal herself, it's hard to disagree with them. But they can't take Faerie unless they steal it from the fae.

Alliances blur when Chloe realizes both sides deserve what they seek. But only one of them can win.

Young Adult
October 18
Marten Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ravenclawgal ,

Magic, Mortals, Masterpiece

I fell in love with this series from the first chapter of the first book. I couldn’t wait until this one came out. My only complaint is that is was so good I finished it in one sitting. Now I feel lost. I cannot wait until part 3 comes out. I enjoyed this book so much that I headed over to Etsy and purchased a signed copy.

The thing I love lost about this book is that although it’s a work of fiction involving faeries and magic, it’s still relatable. The characters are developed so well. There’s growth, and depth which each one.

Chloe suffers from anxiety when it comes to fighting. She immediately freezes up. The first book kind of explains why this happens to her and why she lacks confidence in herself. But when her family and friends that she cares about is in danger she digs deep and finds strength, bravery, and love. She has such a large heart and is extremely clear headed in the face of danger.

My second favorite part is learning more about Quintus. I was completely shocked by his story and I hope we learn the reasons behind his parents choices and actions. Although he has a lot of growing to still do he made great strides in this chapter and hopefully Quintus and Chloe find away to be together.

Mishti is actually one of my favorite characters. I think her and Chloe’s relationship will evolve to an everlasting friendship. I really hope to get more focus on Mishti. Maybe they find a way to fix the affects of the white tablet? I want to know where she’s from, if she has family back home? How much time has passed?

I also hope we find out way Ludo is actually looking for and why he’s desperately trying to find it.

I have to go read Elena’s story as well I feel like it may give more understanding to Portia, Julian and the rest of the other mortals. I hope they find a permanent solution.

Please do yourself a favor and read this book. If you haven’t read the first book in the series do that first! It’s critical to understanding this one.

miss breathlesss ,

Amazing Addition to the Fae of Crystal Thorn Series

“Your accomplishments are not less significant just because you did things differently or needed help along the way. […] The end result is the same, and that’s all that really matters.”

Chloe and Quintus are in danger. Again. The mortals are still trying to destroy Quintus’s home, the magical land of Faerie, and in doing so, they are hurting Chloe’s town on Earth. Together, they must try to defeat the mortals and their leaders, Portia and Julian, while also healing Faerie. It would be easy, considering Fae are faster, stronger and heal much quicker than the mortals, except the mortals have an innumerable supply of the Fae’s greatest weakness. Iron. And on top of that, any time danger gets near, Chloe freezes in fear.

Join Chloe and Quintus on their quest to stop the destruction the mortals leave in their wake, and as they fight the attraction that builds between them with every page.

I didn’t think I could love another Kay L Moody book more than her Fae of Bitter Thorn series or even Flame and Crystal Thorn, the first book in this series, but I think I’ve found a new favorite. This new addition to the Fae of Crystal Thorn series has action, romance, life lessons and so much more. The problems Chloe and Quintus face build on the ones from past books while also changing and developing along with the plot. But be ready for what Kay L Moody does best: life or death cliffhangers.

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