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"Now that her children are adults, Nancy’s passion for healthy mother-daughter relationships, the fertile soil from which godliness can grow, is directed to others. With her daughters she has written a curriculum designed to guide these lifelong family relationships. Her words and those of her girls open the doors of communication between mothers and daughters and helps build healthy open friendships, the desire of every mom" (Barbara Rainey, Ever Thine Home, Founder).

The Mother's Guide (guidance is provided if someone other than mom will be doing the study) is a companion to the Daughter's 4 Week Study and assists you as you take her through the lessons. This Style will look at how fashion reflects how she respects herself, others, and most importantly, God. You will discuss developing her own fashion style rather than letting culture design it for her. Within the guide, helpful information is included so you can provide your daughter with a deeper understanding of the content. The Bible will be used to explain and confirm God’s outlook on fashion and the message it sends to the world.

Week 1 will help your daughter understand that what she wears actually speaks before she does...announcing to the world who she is. It reveals something about who she is on the inside, and what kind of attention she is looking for. People and especially guys initially take their signals from that statement, and determine, just by the way she is dressed, what type of girl she is, how they should approach her, and whether or not she expects to be respected. As a Christian, she will learn why it’s important to make sure that her wardrobe is reflecting her unique “signature style.”

Week 2 she will discover what her fashion outlook is, asking herself the question, “Am I dressing nice or to entice?” She will be reminded that she has been created a one-of-a-kind individual with her own unique signature style. She needs to take special care in how she dresses to make sure that what she is expressing on the outside is a true reflection of who she is on the inside. She will learn ways to design her wardrobe to perfectly compliment her unique personality and body type.

Week 3 she will consider why she dresses the way she does. In other words, what motivates her to wear certain skirts, shirts, or jeans? She will be introduced to some fashion tips that can allow her to dress modestly while remaining fashionable.
Week 4 suggests a date for mother and daughter to celebrate their relationship, share what they learned and pray for one another. An action point to apply what was learned is identified.

This is the fourth style of nine styles that will help your daughter grow into the woman God designed her to be. Each style looks at a different area of her life, such as beauty, fashion, and friendships. She will learn life skills and values through studying these styles that will build character into her life and equip her to make a difference in her world.

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25 de junho
Nancy Butkowski
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