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**New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USAToday Bestseller for May 2022**

Tony Fadell led the teams that created the iPod, iPhone and Nest Learning Thermostat and learned enough in 30+ years in Silicon Valley about leadership, design, startups, Apple, Google, decision-making, mentorship, devastating failure and unbelievable success to fill an encyclopedia.

So that’s what this book is. An advice encyclopedia. A mentor in a box. 

Written for anyone who wants to grow at work—from young grads navigating their first jobs to CEOs deciding whether to sell their company—Build is full of personal stories, practical advice and fascinating insights into some of the most impactful products and people of the 20th century. The audiobook also includes a brief introduction written and read by Tony.

Each quick 5-20 page entry builds on the previous one, charting Tony’s personal journey from a product designer to a leader, from a startup founder to an executive to a mentor. Tony uses examples that are instantly captivating, like the process of building the very first iPod and iPhone. Every chapter is designed to help readers with a problem they’re facing right now—how to get funding for their startup, whether to quit their job or not, or just how to deal with the jerk in the next cubicle.

Tony forged his path to success alongside mentors like Steve Jobs and Bill Campbell, icons of Silicon Valley who succeeded time and time again. But Tony doesn’t follow the Silicon Valley credo that you have to reinvent everything from scratch to make something great. His advice is unorthodox because it’s old school. Because Tony’s learned that human nature doesn’t change. You don’t have to reinvent how you lead and manage—just what you make. 

And Tony’s ready to help everyone make things worth making. 

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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Tony Fadell
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Customer Reviews

AseD ,

Straight shooter

Tony does what a maintain guide would do for you. He tells you what to watch out for on your way up. He has the humility to tell you his approach worked for him and may not work for you, but you can use this as a jump off point.

Rorybalmer ,

Not narrated by Tony.

It says it’s narrated by Tony Fadell but it is NOT. He only does a quick intro giving an excuse of why he didn’t read it and then he hands it off to a hired narrator. I absolutely hate listening to an actor trying to sound impactful instead of the actual author telling me their story. It’s so hard to hear past and it cheapens the story. It’s like listening to a bad motivational speaker.

I was so looking forward to hearing this book after listening to Tony on Lex Fridman. The irony being that he was a very engaging teller of his own story! I’m sure it’s a good book and the first bit of content seemed very interesting but I honestly had to request a refund after the first chapter.

Please for anyone releasing an audio version of a non-fiction book, especially about your own life; skip the standard excuse of how you are doing us a favour by not making us listen to you talk and READ YOUR OWN STORY!

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