One Scoop or Two

Katy Rose and Others
Series • 57 Books • Erotic Romance
Catch a Tiger by the Tail Catch a Tiger by the Tail
Gabbi Grey
Smoothing a Rocky Road Smoothing a Rocky Road
Fran McNabb
Slain Over Spumoni Slain Over Spumoni
Tessa Floreano
Sea-Salt Lavender for Aphrodite Sea-Salt Lavender for Aphrodite
Julie Howard
Vanilla with a Twist Vanilla with a Twist
Peggy Jaeger
Blueberry Twist Blueberry Twist
Judy Kentrus
Chocolate Nut Someday Chocolate Nut Someday
Lita Harris
A Butter Brickle Debacle A Butter Brickle Debacle
Sonja N. Griffing
Cherry Shakes in the Park Cherry Shakes in the Park
Wendy Kendall
Backstage Butter Brittle Backstage Butter Brittle
Elizabeth John