A Date At The Opera

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This book is a work of fiction about a man, Winfred, and a woman, Ora Lee, who meet for the first time at the opera, specifically, “Porgy and Bess.”  They were both planning to be with their separate dates, neither one of which showed up.  So their meeting is completely by accident.  They end up seated next to each other and strike up a conversation.  An immediate rapport develops.  They become instantly attracted to each other, ignore the action on the theater stage, and exchange stories about past relationships. 


As the book continues, the couple becomes involved in a love affair.  Right from the start their families get involved, demonstrating the truism that, most love relationships are between two families rather than just the two individuals.  The families in the story are people with good jobs and good incomes.  Her parents are college graduates who attended both high school and college together.  His parents are just good, hard-working citizens of Dallas, Texas, where the story takes place.

The families meet and become fast friends, celebrating holidays together and enjoying themselves when they do.  There are never any conflicts.  They like their children’s choices and support the relationship.  These people soon develop a genuine love for each other, even though some of them are black, some are white, and some are mixed.  The interracial nature of the story stems from the fact that, after decades of resistance, Dallas’ public schools desegregated and enabled students from the various racial groups to study and socialize together.  Association brings about acceptance.

So, although it purports to be a love story about two people who accidentally meet at the opera, it becomes more than that:  It becomes a love story between two families who recognize that the only true race is the human race.

March 4
Roger Boykin
Roger Boykin

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