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April - With my brother murdered and my daughter's deadbeat father suing for full custody, I need to come up with a plan, quick. I need someone to protect me, someone to help me convince the judge that I'm fit to keep my daughter. And that someone just happens to be an alcoholic a*****e who enjoys one-night stands and pissing his biker brothers off. My brother told me to find Aaron if I needed help, but he didn't mention that Aaron was a drunk who laughed at me when I told him I needed a fake husband to keep custody of my daughter and make sure the same guys who murdered my brother don't come for me. But when he changes his mind, I find myself married to a virtual stranger, wearing his ring and his ink. And he's already told me that he expects us to be man and wife in all senses of the word. Can a wedding night of unbelievable sex create a permanent connection? And when my daughter's father and his goons come calling, can Aaron keep me safe?
Aaron - She asked me to be her husband and protect her, and I laughed in her face. Sure, I was an a*****e, but I couldn't be that big of an a*****e. My former best friend's sister needs me. Her brother's dead, and her daughter's father wants to take her baby away from her. But I'm not going to let that happen. I'll protect her, keep her safe, fulfill her every need. But it isn't long before I realize that I have needs too. I need her body. And it turns out, I need her heart too. Once she's wearing my ink, I'll never let her go, and if her baby's daddy wants to make trouble, he'll find out that Trouble is my middle name.

August 22
Draft2Digital, LLC

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