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Ever since it was first put forward, certain materialist circles have attempted to portray the theory of evolution as scientific fact. in fact, however, the theory, which claims that life emerged as the result of chance processes, has been utterly disproved by all branches of science. Over the 150 or so years from the time of Charles Darwin, the founder of the theory, to the present day, scientific fields as palaeontology, biochemistry, genetics and anatomy have demolished the theory’s assumptions one by one. the more the details of nature have been revealed, the more extraordinary characteristics have been discovered that can never be explained in terms of chance.
For all these reasons, in the words of the famous molecular biologist Professor Michael Behe, evolution theory is “A theory in crisis.”
This crisis that the theory is in leads scientists who support the theory to make a number of confessions from time to time. These scientists do not reject the theory because of their materialist preconceptions, but they are aware of the fact that the theory conflicts with scientific findings.
In this book you will find statements made by these evolutionist scientists regarding the theory they advocate. You will see that even though hundreds of evolutionists, from Charles Darwin to eminent present-day supporters of his theory, such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Leakey still advocate this theory, they have admitted that this theory is groundless, incorrect, and even ridiculous.
If you want to see that Darwinism is a tale that even Darwinism’s most determined proponents do not believe in, you must read these confessions.

Science & Nature
June 11
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