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"A wonderfully touching and powerful story."

Am I a decent man?

How can I be, after what I've done?

If my life were a jigsaw puzzle, it would look from a distance like every piece were present and correct and in its rightful order. The edges straight and square, the surface perfectly smooth, the picture complete. And that – I would have said once – is what makes me a decent man.

But that was before Anna Johnson…

I could blame Anna for the things that go wrong. For the decisions I make, the ones my work colleagues question, the ones that turn away my wife and my son, and the ones no one else knows about. I could blame her for the dreams, unsettling and lifelike. And I could blame her, too, for the fear that invades my body, the physical sensations I can't control, right when I need control the most.

I could blame Anna for all of this because it starts with her. But the more I learn about Anna Johnson, about who she really is, the closer I step to that jigsaw of my own life. And the closer I get, the more I see… The uneven edge along one side, the pieces forced to fit their wrong positions, the picture out of focus, distorted, a lie.

My name is PC Steven William Fuller. And I used to be a decent man.

Critical Incident can be read as a standalone novel, or as the first book in the gripping and emotionally turbulent Code Zero police drama series

This book was previously published under the title No Further Action

"Emotionally charged."

"You really want to read this book."

"Terrific storyline."

"A real page-turner and a must read for anyone who likes deep, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreakingly sad, explorations of the human condition."

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August 31
TL Dyer
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