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Sarah Carter, who goes by the pen name, Mims Murphy, meets Sage Tanner at Imaginings Publishing while he's posing for the cover of her soon-to-be-released romance novel. After being bulldozed into a coffee break with him by her publisher, an embarrassing incident makes Sarah furious, and she walks out. Of course, fate has a wonderful way of intervening in matters of the heart. Deciding she needs to write from experience, she signs up for "dude" lessons at Lazy M Dude Ranch. Imagine her chagrin when she discovers the owner of the ranch is none other than Mr. Tanner himself!

Sage Tanner works as a high fashion model to keep his ranch in the black. While posing for the cover of a romance novel, he meets the author, but ends up ticking her off, which ticks him off. How can a romance writer be such a prudish, stick-in-the-mud? A few weeks later when she shows up at his dude ranch, his anger vanishes and he's determined to change her mind about leaving.

April 25
Verna Clay
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gigi1947 ,

Dream Kisses

Loved the book and can't wait to read the rest.

Quena ,

Needs work

You mean a handsome, well-adjusted man in the prime of his life is irresistibly attracted to a woman who is hostile, irrational, defensive, and rude? I don't even want to buy that scenario. Because if he thinks a woman who behaves as "Sarah" does is feisty and cute, he also has something wrong with his head.

If the heroine displayed a few more redeeming characteristics, this story might have more to hold it together. Why would any mature man decide to pursue a woman who is ceaselessly abrasive to him for no discernible reason? And who acts in a totally self-absorbed way through pretty much the whole story? It doesn't make any sense, and it definitely isn't romantic, despite the appealing qualities of Sage's character.

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