Entrusted To A Highlander Entrusted To A Highlander
#2 - Highland Promise Trilogy

Entrusted To A Highlander

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Once upon a time Purity of the Clan Macara, shy, plain, and with a deformed hand that everyone believes is the mark of the devil, begged handsome, charismatic, devil-may-care Arran of the Clan MacKinnon to wed her and save her from a fate she feared. He turned her down.

Five years later Arran returns home after being taken captive by a group of mercenaries and forced to fight alongside them. He's a far different man than he'd once been. Smiles elude him, his tongue no longer charms, and he knows what it's like to have been touched by the devil himself. When he saves a woman in the woods from being abducted, he doesn't realize who she is until he sees her deformed hand.

Purity has changed, confident and comfortable with herself and her life in the forest, she no longer requires a husband. Unfortunately, Purity is in danger and Arran doesn't intend to fail her this time. He tells her they will wed and he will keep her safe.

It's Purity's turn to refuse his proposal—but not for long. It becomes clear that the only safety Purity has is in Arran's arms as his wife.

When the couple return home, they face a challenging and dangerous situation that could tear them apart forever.

Secrets are discovered, promises are made, lies surface, and murder strikes the clan. Through it all, the couple fight to keep what they've found, what Purity always knew, and what Arran discovers—they've always been meant for each other.

September 24
Donna Fletcher
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Maria Rose Dariots ,

Loved This!!

Entrusted To A Highlander
Highland Promise Trilogy book 2
by Donna Fletcher

Another great addition to this series, this was so worth the wait!
From the beginning of the series Purity’s gentleness was there for the people she loved her soul pure. Although timid and shy her true strength is revealed in the five years she has been in hiding. Fate brings her face to face with Arran the man she’s secretly loved from the first smile he bestowed upon her. Five long years have changed Arran he’s more reserved and his presence is fearsome but what Purity noticed was the loss of his smile.

For five long years Arran has seen destruction and death, now after his release from the mercenary, his main incentive is to find his sister Raven and get back to his family as soon as possible. His lead takes him to the rescue of a woman in the forest. A woman being defended by a cat and dog, he can’t help but wonder that she’s familiar to him, until he sees her hand. He knows that Purity is in danger and the only way to protect her is to claim her as his wife! Purity isn’t the meek biddable young woman he remembers, she’s feisty and she stirs his blood like no other!
There’s a villain afoot that stalks the clan and a secret that no one ever expected revealed that is totally shocking!

Raven is still missing and the brothers haven’t any new clue to her whereabouts. Purity and Arran’s journey to happiness is full of mystery and intrigue it’s a rollercoaster ride of intense emotions hooking the reader in from the get go! I love the twists that take you to the unexpected villain, the chemistry is off the charts Arran’s tragic five years were profound and I believe that author did a fantastic job in portraying the depth of pain his character went through. This series is one of the best I’ve read, but then I ADORE all of Donna Fletcher’s books, she’s a gifted writer with a magical pen! Can’t wait to read the next one!
I was gifted a copy from the author, all opinions my own.

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