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Stepping into the city limits, the vibes of New Orleans infiltrate the thoughts and feelings of each unsuspecting individual.

Twinkling lights.

Copious amounts of alcohol.


Ghost stories of lore.

As Emma waits for a business meeting, those ingredients are there, in the heavy air and circulating through her bloodstream. Until everything changes.

Everett Ramses is tall, dark, and mysterious.

He’s more than that.

According to him...he is Emma’s fate.

And he has a demand.

Will she run, or will she find out what fate’s demand has in store?

“FATE’S DEMAND” is an intriguing meeting to whet readers’ appetite for more of an all-new dark-romance world, Devil’s Deal, by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. Get ready to love and hate, to swoon and swear...Rett Ramses will bring out all the emotions.

*“FATE’S DEMAND” first appeared in the Bookworm Box anthology ONE MORE STEP as a short story entitled “THE DEAL.”

March 18
Romig Works
Romig Works LLC

Customer Reviews

PoeziAngel ,


Again Aleatha Romig captures your attention and has your mind swirling with questions.
Great start to a series to look forward to reading.

Sandy Sch ,

intriguing prequel

FATE’S DEMAND by Aleatha Romig is the prequel, novella in Aleatha Romig’s contemporary, adult DEVIL’S DUET erotic, dark romance story lines focusing on Emma O’Brien North, and businessman/kingpin Everett Ramses.

NOTE: FATE’S DEMAND was originally released as ‘The Deal’ in the Bookworm Box Anthology ONE MORE STEP

Told from first person perspective (Emma) FATE’S DEMAND follows Emma O’Brien as she, along with her business partner Ross Underwood, head to New Orleans, awaiting the arrival of businessman Everett Ramses but when a stranger approaches Emma regarding a deal already brokered for her future, our heroine quickly discovers that not is all as it appears in the dark underbelly of New Orleans, Louisiana.

FATE’S DEMAND is an intriguing and revealing short story that introduces the reader to Emma O’Brien, a thirty year old woman whose own history is marred by secrets and death, and Everett Ramses, the self-proclaimed king of New Orleans, Louisiana. FATE’S DEMAND ends on a cliffhanger-you have been warned

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