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He’s Just Not That Into You—based on a popular episode of Sex and the City—is tough love advice for otherwise smart women on how to tell when a guy just doesn’t like them enough, so they can stop wasting time making excuses for a dead-end relationship. It’s the best relationship advice you’ll ever receive.

For ages, women have come together over coffee, cocktails, or late-night phone chats to analyze the puzzling behavior of men.

He’s afraid to get hurt again.
Maybe he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship.
Maybe he’s intimidated by me.
He just got out of a relationship.

Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo are here to say that—despite good intentions—you’re wasting your time. Men are not complicated, although they’d like you to think they are. And there are no mixed messages.

The truth may be, He’s just not that into you.

Unfortunately, guys are too terrified to ever directly tell a woman, “You're not the one.” But their actions absolutely show how they feel.

Reexamining familiar scenarios and classic mindsets that keep us in unsatisfying relationships, Behrendt and Tuccillo’s wise and wry understanding of the sexes spares women hours of waiting by the phone, obsessing over the details with sympathetic girlfriends, and hoping his mixed messages really mean, “I’m in love with you and want to be with you.”

He’s Just Not That Into You is provocative, hilarious, and, above all, intoxicatingly liberating. It deserves a place on every woman’s night table. It knows you’re a beautiful, smart, funny woman who deserves better. The next time you feel the need to start “figuring him out,” consider the glorious thought that maybe, He’s just not that into you. And then set yourself loose to go find the one who is.

October 7
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Customer Reviews

Llegros ,

this is a must read if you are in the dating game

I read this book in 2009 after watching the movie. I decided to read this book and could not put it down.

If you are in the dating world or looking for a special someone, this book will teach you to read the social cues as to whether someone you are interested in is truly interested in getting to know you. I wish I had read this book 20+ years ago...seriously. I would have been so much savier about the dating world.

Read it..

StressedOut2322 ,

Every girls MUST READ

Relationship how to and not to. I read these books as a teen and have re-read them over and over. Greg is brilliant and hilarious in his portrayal of how dating should work! Awesome dating advice!

Munchie-kins ,

I'm just that into 'He's just not that into you'

A very comical and throe look into relationships between men and women. Directed towards women readers but written by a man. This book will help you through breakups and heart breaks showing you how 'he's just not that into you' and how you deserve someone who is. Half the time you will end up laughing this book is filled with insight and hilarious perspectives of the deference's between what men say they will do and what men really do. It's a amazingly easy and comprehensible read ESPECIALLY for those women ending a relationship. Trust me Greg knows what he is talking about :) I will continue to read this book over and over again and take a little more perspective into my next relationship. As I hope you will too.

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