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If you’re interested in remodeling your home… increasing its value… or making it more beautiful by starting a home improvement project…then you’ve found the right book!

Here’s just some of what’s inside…

- Remodeling 101: Why remodel in the first place? And how getting clear on your goals early on will save you a lot of headache and trouble down the road!
- My top ten “best value projects” that are quick, easy and greatly increase the value of your home almost immediately
- Five reasons why I strongly recommend you consider hiring a professional architect to draft your next remodeling project (especially if it’s your first one!)
- Never-fail ways to remodel your kitchen for maximum value
- My top ten tips for remodeling your master bedroom and bathroom(s) to add the most value and beauty to your home
- Why you would want to remodel your basement and ten tips you absolutely must know before you start to make sure it all goes smoothly
- The five places (most people don’t know about) where you’re much better off putting down carpet instead of hardwood floors
- Need Money For Remodeling? Here’s my 5 “go-to” resources to get the finances you need to remodel
- Are you making the five beginner’s remodeling mistakes? Find out how to avoid each and every one of them (you’ll save yourself tons of money and hassle in the process!)
- What to do when a contractor you’ve hired doesn’t show up… and how to deal with other common “hold ups” like permits, material shortages, running out of money and more
- Plus much, MUCH MORE!

Everything you need to know about remodeling homes is inside this book.

In a very short time you could be living in a "like new" house and enjoying the satisfaction, pride and happiness that comes from remodeling a house yourself.

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July 1
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