In Command

An Aunare Chronicles Novella

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Publisher Description

Some days I wake up and can’t believe that I’m on Sel’Ani.

I can’t believe that I’m here and that I’ve fallen in love with the man from my dreams. I can’t believe that I said yes to marrying him and becoming the High Queen of the Aunare. I want to stay in bed with him all day where we’re safe from everything else that’s happening, but saying yes and being in love with Lorne didn’t make all our problems disappear.

The Aunare don’t understand what SpaceTech is capable of.

They don’t understand what happened on Earth thirteen years ago. They don’t understand who I am and why anyone—especially their High King—thinks I should rule.

When they question what happened, what I lived through, all the horrors of Liberation Week—I want to scream at them until they realize how blind and ignorant they’ve been, but I can’t. I can’t let my anger and frustration take over. They don’t understand what happened, and I need to find a way to make them understand.

The war with SpaceTech isn’t coming. It’s already here. And we are losing.

I might not be the High Queen they wanted, but if we want to win this war with SpaceTech, I’m the one they need.

From Aileen Erin, the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Alpha Girl series, comes an epic adventure in space: The Aunare Chronicles!

Book1: Off Planet
Book 2: Off Balance
Book 3: In Command (an eBook Novella)
Book 4: On Mission
Book 5: On Destiny

“I loved having a story just focusing on Amihanna and Lorne. They are my OTP after all!...There was great development in their relationship and a lot of personal growth from Amihanna, after she's been through so much already.” - Haley, the Caffeinated Reader

“The Aunare series has become my favorite series that has not been completed yet and is definitely up there in my favorites of all time. There is interesting worldbuilding, amazing characters, relationship and character development that are perfectly crafted, and prose that sings to you.” - Kasey, Bookish Corner

”Aileen Erin's books are to me as melon candy is to Amihanna - addicting.” - Lenni, Lenniland

“I've loved this series from the beginning and this novella was a special treat!” - Sheila K, Goodreads

In Command is a 65K novella that takes place between Off Balance and On Mission (Book 4 of the Aunare Chronicles). The series can be enjoyed without reading this story, but you can’t enjoy this story without reading the series.

Young Adult
February 23
Ink Monster, LLC
INscribe Digital

Customer Reviews

JaeBirt ,

Love everything Ami & Lorne

I love this series so much. The series is a continuous flow and you can read each without reading all the others because they are fully contained stories, but to have full emotional impact, you should read in order. The overall arc of the bigger saga is so important.

This specific story is a long novella that occurs between book 2 (Off Balance) and book 3 (On Mission).

We focus this time on Amihanna as she adjusts to being future queen now that she's engaged to Lorne. It's an emotional rollercoaster watching her find her footing, find a way to lead without losing herself in everyone else's vision of who she should be or what she should be doing.

Amihanna is such a strong powerful female character. However her personal battle with doubt and insecurity is so real!

Ami & Lorne just make my heart ache at times. They are so perfectly attuned to each other, but still don't always communicate in the best way because they are trying to protect. When they are happy and carefree, those moments are the best things to read.

I am excitedly anticipating every next installment of this saga. It's science fiction, set mostly on other worlds surrounded by aliens, but it feels so real. Aileen Erin's world building is so solid and her words so well crafted that you're swept away. You get so lost in the story you can almost feel the world around you, smell the smells, taste the foods, hear the sounds, it's amazing.

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